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Chloe Grace: 3 Years Old
Chloe Grace

Chloe Grace: 3 Years Old

Another year has gone by with my little sidekick always a step behind me. It’s hard to believe that my BABY girl is now a big THREE year old! My heart tells me that she couldn’t possibly have been here with us for that long, but my mind and memory definitely tell me otherwise. We’ve been through so much together these past three years. Watching her grow and become the little person she is has been such a joy.

Two was a pretty wild year for Chloe! We did so much and really just took off running. This last year Chloe:

  • traveled to Norway, Sweden and Denmark for a 3 week adventure just weeks after turing 2!
  • was a flower girl in my brother and SIL’s wedding in Colorado.
  • started her very first day of school in a two day a week Mother’s Day Out program.
  • went trick or treating for the first time!
  • found out that she was going to be a big sister!
  • battled her first bout of the flu…over Christmas 🙁
  • started potty training during the big Houston freeze…and was successful!
  • road tripped to Dallas with just Mommy for a girls weekend to see Auntie Julie and meet baby Alexandria!
  • traveled the world again as we jetted off for a week in Amsterdam!
  • play for 4 days at DISNEYLAND PARIS!
  • transferred from her crib to a BIG GIRL bed and got a whole new bedroom set.
  • finished her first year of school and actually learned to love it.
  • helped mommy and daddy prepare to meet her baby brother!


Anyone who has met Chloe knows that she has such a big personality! She’s a bit of a hot mess sometimes, but she knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. She is just as strong willed as she was last year if not more now. She loves to test boundaries, see who she can manipulate and find a way to make things work in her favor. It can be incredibly frustrating, but sometimes I’m impressed with her determination. Sometimes. Mostly when it doesn’t involve her tying to manipulate me.

Chloe has a short list of people that she actually likes these days. To say she has a healthy fear of strangers is an understatement. Grunting, groaning, growling and yelling at strangers who ask her sweet questions happens more often than I care to admit. I’m not sure how to stop this behavior, but surly she’ll grow out of it. Pretty much if you aren’t on her short list, she doesn’t want to talk to you. For a while I was really concerned with this, but with time I’m learning that my daughter is shy and that’s okay. Once upon a time, I was shy too. My husband is much more shy than I am, so in time hopefully it’ll become less intense. I will say that she’s definitely a one person kind of girl. If you can get her one on one without a crowd, she’s in a much better mood and you can see her personality shine.

Chloe’s favorite place on the planet…and remember she’s been quite a few places…is her own home! She’s a bit of a homebody and loves being in her own space and own environment. She likes sleeping in her own bed, playing in her own game room, watching movies on her own couch and eating dinner at her own table. I totally get it kid. I like home too! Her second favorite place is probably her Nonna and Poppa’s pool because we spend a lot of time there during the summer months!

Speaking of Chloe’s favorite place, here are a few of Chloe’s favorites these days:

  • Swim lessons with Mr. Juan! My little girl can really swim y’all!
  • Swimming all day at Nonna and Poppa’s
  • Movies: Monsters Inc, Frozen, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Cars 3
  • Shows: Anything Mickey Mouse, Sofia the First, Muppet Babies, learning shows on Amazon Prime (a Monster Truck show called Brain Candy TV is a summer fave!), Dino the Dinosaur
  • Coloring with chalk
  • Visiting the animals at the zoo
  • Reading one of her many books!
  • All things dinosaurs, princesses, mermaids, cars/trucks, unicorns
  • Stacking things and playing with blocks
  • Dressing up! Super heros and princesses are her current faves.
  • Gymnastics class. Jumping on the trampoline is her favorite part.
  • Playing pretend with her kitchen or her princess castle. I love listening to the conversations she has with her dolls!
  • Going on walks and runs with Mommy or Daddy to the park


I know I will continue to say this every year, but this past year she has shown the most change. She really started to grown up before my eyes! Her verbal ability went from her limited 2 year old vocabulary to being able to say anything she wants. Her physical ability has changed drastically too. I can see her coming into her own and really figuring things out. Swim lessons and gymnastics has helped a lot. Mentally she’s learned more than I could have imagined this year! She can identify letters and numbers by sight and loves learning about them. Reading is one of her favorite things. Her love of books makes this book nerd’s heart happy. I’m just so proud of her! I know there are definitely areas that we can work on, and she’s definitely still a three year old, but that’s part of life.

I’ve gone through her monthly updates, her birth story and all of her birthday party photos over the past few years. My raging hormones have me a bit of a mess sometimes, but I can’t help it! I just love this little girl so much! In case you’re interested in taking a peek back, here are allllll of the Chloe updates I’ve done over the years!

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Happy Birthday my little girl! You’ll always be my baby!


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