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Chloe Grace: 10 Months Old
Chloe Grace

Chloe Grace: 10 Months Old

I’m not sure why, but 10 months seems like a big milestone. Maybe it’s because we’ve hit double digit months? Maybe it’s because we’re only 60 days away from her first birthday. We had a rough time getting her “official” 10 month pictures this month. She wasn’t having it and I tried on 3 separate occasions. We are definitely in a “I need my mommy” stage, and she just wasn’t having pictures this weekend!

This month’s theme is definitely on the go. Last month I mentioned that she could almost crawl. Just a few days later, she took off. I thought we may skip the crawling stage all together. Even though she is very capable of crawling, she doesn’t do it often and she certainly doesn’t like doing it. In fact, she cries the entire time she’s crawling! It’s kind of hilarious to me because it’s not a hurting or scared cry. It’s not even a sad cry, it’s a “I don’t want to do this, please pick me up or let me walk” kind of cry. The second you grab her she’s smiling. Little brat.

She’s been able to pull up and cruise on furniture for about two months now, but since she learned how to crawl, she’s even faster when cruising along furniture. She’s also much more daring. When we returned home from San Francisco, she was pulling up on her than just her toy box and she was cruising between pieces of furniture. From the table to the couch to my leg to the other couch, so on and so forth. She can also walk only holding one of our hands! I think she’ll be taking off before we know it! If only she could figure out that it’s easier to walk when you bend your knees. We’ll get there my little peg leg.

Chloe’s absolute favorite thing in the world: Water. Last month I said it was one of her favorite things. This month I can confirm that it is her absolute favorite. It is the one thing that can make her happy when she’s sad. It stops her fussing on even the fussiest of days. Her face lights up like a kid on Christmas morning. She smiles the whole time she’s playing with water. It doesn’t matter if she’s playing with a puddle, putting her feet in, playing in a baby pool or getting in the big pool in her float. She’s always happy! I can’t wait to start swim lessons in June with this little water baby.

Another theme from this last month is teething! We went from having 2 teeth to 6 teeth in a matter of weeks. All four top teeth came in over the course of two weeks. We saw her gums swell and the little pearl buds at right around 9 months. On May 1st her top left incisor came in and just a few days later her top right front tooth came through. The little gap was adorable, but it didn’t last long because just under a week later the top left front tooth broke through. The other incisor came in on her daddy’s birthday, so over 16 days we got 4 new teeth. I’m glad they’re all in because those were a rough two weeks that’s for sure.

Attitude. So much attitude. This girl has a lot of spunk. She’s very determined and knows exactly what she wants. She also knows how to get it. She’s very strong willed and has a pretty solid set of lungs on her. It’s safe to say she has all of us very wrapped around her finger! She thinks blowing raspberries and spitting is hilarious. In fact, when I tell her I love her, I usually get a raspberry in the face. I’m not sure if it’s nice or mean yet, but I’ll pretend for now that it means I love you too.

This month’s firsts:
  • First time in the big pool at Nonna and Grandpa’s 
  • First couples wedding shower for Auntie Em and Uncle Matt 
  • First Mother’s Day! 
  • First girls trip to Coushatta for her Nonna’s birthday 
  • First actual crawl 
  • First time to celebrate Daddy’s birthday 
  • First time away from both Mommy and Daddy for several days 
  • First sleep over with Jojo 
  • First time to meet her baby BFF, Renee Crowson 
  • First 4 top teeth

My Darling Chloe Grace,

Man you’re a little spit fire these days! You definitely have a mind of your own and you’re not afraid to tell us what you want and how we should do it. You can be pretty exhausting sometimes, but it’s a challenge I’m willing to take on for you baby girl. 
This month you’ve been all over the place. Crawling is probably one of your least favorite things to do, but you’re still doing it. I know that you’re ready to be able to walk around on your own though. I’m not sure if I’m ready for you to walk around or not. On one hand you can be more independent, on the other hand, you’re going to get into everything. I can see it already. Luckily, I can’t think of another human alive I’d be willing to chase after and clean up after all the time. You’re pretty fabulous!
I’m looking forward to these summer days coming up! You’re love for the water is amazing. We’re going to start swim lessons soon and I hope that they’ll help me teach you more since we’ll be swimming a lot! We’re lucky to have Nonna and Grandpa’s swimming pool so close to us on these hot Houston days. I’m also dying to take you to the beach. Maybe one day soon we’ll have a free day that we can just escape with your daddy and have some fun. I’m interested to see how you do in the salty ocean water!
This past month we dealt with your first real sickness and our first (few) trips to the doctor that weren’t for your regular check ups. It was hard on my momma heart to see you hurting! At first we thought a lot of it was teething because your nose was so runny and eyes so red. Then the ear tugging came and I knew we needed to get it checked out. Of course it was a double ear infection and bronchiolitis! My poor girl. You handled your cross with grace as always. No matter how bad you were feeling there was always a smile here and there. You’re such a strong little girl!
I’m so proud of you my princess. I am constantly in awe of how amazing you are. Watching you grow up these last 10 months has been a treasure. I’m so lucky to be your mommy. God is good and he loves you more than you know. Only two more months until your birthday little girl. Momma has some planning to do. Until then, you just keep doing you girl. I’m ready to handle whatever it is you throw at me!
I love you forever,

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