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7 Easy Ways to Fit in Movement as a Mother
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7 Easy Ways to Fit in Movement as a Mother

Staying active as a mother is not always easy. In fact, oftentimes the opportunities we have to work out are also the opportunities we have for a moment of rest. Choosing between being active and resting is not an easy one. To make life and this decision a little easier, here are 7 different ways to fit in movement as a mother!

Tips and tricks to slide in extra movement as a busy mom! It isn't always easy to stay active when you're busy with kids. These ideas are a guide to help you incorporate more activity into your lifestyle. #fitmom #fitmomtips #momworkout

Why is it important to stay active after having kids?

Before we dive into how you can incorporate movement and activity into your life as a mother, let’s first touch on why it’s essential to stay active after having kids.

Keeping an active lifestyle is the best way to be able to keep up with your kids as they grow. Being strong and flexible will allow you to chase after them, crawl/play on the floor with them, and interact with your children to the fullest.

Staying active as a mom also teaches your kids that being healthy is a priority to you. They see what you’re doing and will learn to incorporate these healthy habits into their lifestyle as they grow.

Exercising boosts your mood and decreases stress levels. It’s so easy for a mother to feel anxious, overwhelmed, and stressed. By incorporating fitness and movement into your daily routine, you can help reduce these feelings allowing you to be the best version of yourself!

How to Fit in Movement as a Mother

Now that we know a few reasons why it’s important for moms to be active, let’s look at some different ways you can incorporate movement into your lifestyle as a busy mother!

1. Play with your kids.

It sounds simple because it is. Simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy. As a mother, I understand that it can be hard! We’re tired and when our kids are playing and occupied it’s often a chance for us to rest.

Next time you head to the park, climb up on the play structure with them and follow them around. You’ll notice that you’re moving a ton because they never stop! The same goes for games in the backyard or playroom. Get down on their level and move with them.

Mom playing soccer with two kids

Another way to play with your kids to to help them practice. Get involved in whatever sport they’re interested in. Are your kids playing baseball? Play catch or pitch to them. Do you have a swimmer in the family? Take them to the pool and swim together. Is soccer their sport? Practice drills in the backyard or play against each other as a family. There are so many ways that you can get active by being involved with your child’s interest and goals.

2. Create active games that you can do as a family.

Sometimes in order to encourage ourselves to be more active, we need others to get up and moving with us! Who better to encourage you as a mother than your kids?

Find fun games that you can do with your kids that encourage movement. Here are some fun examples:

  • Play tag in a big open space
  • Hide and Seek outside
  • Spell Your Name Game (Click for how to play along with a free printable!)
  • Have a living room dance party
  • Create an obstacle course
  • Draw a sidewalk chalk obstacle course (Here are some fun ideas)
  • Play Simon Says
  • Go on a Scavenger Hunt in a park

There are tons of ways to incorporate additional movement that doesn’t necessarily have to be a workout!

Here’s an awesome article on how to make fitness fun for kids if you need some additional ideas!

3. Go on walks, runs or bike rides with your kids.

Mom running postpartum with jogging stroller

I understand that getting alone time as a mom is rare, so it may not be easy to go for a solo walk or run. Instead, make it a family affair. Blow the dust off that jogging stroller and take the little ones out. If they’ve outgrown the stroller, jog alongside your kids as they ride their bikes.

You may find that your kids love getting out with you and you can add this movement whether it’s a walk, run, or bike ride, into your weekly routine. Every Thursday after school we walk or ride as a family for 30 minutes. By doing this, you’re also instilling the importance of physical activity and family time in your kids!

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4. Take advantage of naptime or park workouts.

There aren’t enough hours in a day, so why not double up?

If the littles are napping, see if you can squeeze in a 15-minute workout. I realize that it’s also the perfect time to get some chores done or even rest, but if you can dedicate just 15-20 minutes to movement, you’ll have more energy to get everything you need to do!

Next time you take the kids to the park, instead of sitting on the bench, use it to your advantage! Try this park bench workout. Screenshot it and save it to your phone!

Park bench workout

5. Turn normal chores into something more.

Hear me out. On days that I haven’t been as active as I would like, I include additional movements in everyday tasks. For example, when I’m doing the laundry, I’ll do 5 squats in between each armful of clothes I move from the washing machine to the dryer. When I’m folding clothes, I’ll do 10 jumping jacks after every 5 pieces I fold. Or I’ll do some lunges while I’m vacuuming, push ups in between wiping down counters and tables, or running up and down the stairs while I put the kids’ clothes away.

It’s all about getting creative and stepping out of your comfort zone. It’s easy to zone out and get those daily tasks done, but spice it up a bit to make the job even more beneficial to you!

6. Find something you love.

Sometimes the biggest step to becoming more active is finding something that you actually love doing. This may take some time, but by trying different types of fitness and exercise, you’ll eventually find something you love.

Here are some examples of different types of movement/exercise that you can try:

  • walking
  • running
  • biking
  • swimming
  • group fitness – try different classes at your local gym
  • home workouts – find workouts that you can do at home with someone leading you! There are tons on Instagram and YouTube or you can start a program like Beachbody.
  • yoga
  • Pilates
  • Peloton
  • cycling classes
  • play a sport – think pick up basketball/soccer or even intermural adult leagues
  • the list goes on!

7. Incorporate yoga or stretching into your life.

Fitting in movement as a mother doing yoga with daughter.

Staying flexible is just as important as staying strong. Not to mention, there are tons of flexibility programs that incorporate strength in a low-intensity manner.

Know when you can push it and when to not worry so much.

While being active and fitting in movement as a mother is incredibly important, it’s also important to know how to read your body and know when to push it and when to take a break.

If you’re in the early stages of incorporating more movement and activity, start small and work your way up to more. If you’re coming back to fitness after having a baby, check out these postpartum fitness myths to better understand what your body is capable of after giving birth. Finally, if you’re an active mom who has just been too busy to fit in traditional workouts, use these examples to find ways to squeeze it in. Remember that being active doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re doing structured workouts. It just means that you’re getting your body up and moving. That’s the key!

This is also a friendly reminder that sometimes our bodies need a break and that’s okay! Listen to your body. Rest when you’re sick or have been overdoing it! That also means getting up and going when you’re feeling good!

Learn how to be more active as a mom so you can keep up with your kids! These fit mom activity ideas are ways to incorporate more movement into your busy mom life! #activemom

I hope these examples help you find additional ways to fit in movement as a mom. I realize it isn’t always easy! Starting and finding a rhythm is the hardest part. You’ve got this momma!

What is your favorite way to fit in movement on a busy day?

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