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15 Minute Bodyweight Circuit

15 Minute Bodyweight Circuit

Happy Wednesday y’all! Last week I told y’all about how I’m trying to utilize my time better and use just 15 minutes to do something better than procrastinate. I must say, y’all had some pretty good ideas that weren’t on my list. I think my favorite was sleep! How could this new mom forget about sleep?

A lot of people often wish they could devote 15 minutes to fitness every day. It’s not easy and you have to get into the habit of it to really stick with it! I created a quick and easy 15 minute bodyweight circuit for y’all to try and sneak in those 15 minutes. All you need is yourself and a little space to make it happen!

15 Minute Bodyweight Circuit

This 15 minute bodyweight circuit is sure to get your heartrate up and leave you feeling great in just 15 minutes!

Bounding Squat Rewind demo and explanation from Fit Armadillo!

If you have questions about exercises or modifications for this 15 minute bodyweight circuit, feel free to drop a comment or send an e-mail. I’m happy to help especially if it means you’ll give this workout a try and devote 15 minutes to fitness!

Yoga Challenge

I’ve also been sticking with my yoga challenge! If you aren’t following me on Instagram {then maybe you should…}, I’ve been taking pictures every day and trying to devote more time to stretching and yoga! It’s going pretty well, but I know a few areas I could definitely do better.

Real quick, let’s take a look at last week’s workouts!
Sunday 5/1: 4.5 mile run @ 9:27 pace + 50 Squats
Monday 5/2: Teach Spin {45 minutes} & Tabata {30 minutes} + 55 squats
Tuesday 5/3: Yoga {20 minutes} + 60 squats
Wednesday 5/4: Teach Kickboxing {I did 30 minutes}
Thursday 5/5: 2.5 mile walk @ 14:28 pace + Yoga {10 minutes} + 70 squats
Friday 5/6: 15 minute mini circuit {see above}
Saturday 5/7: Rest + 80 squats    

Before you go, don’t forget to pin this to your Workouts board on Pinterest!  

This 15 minute bodyweight circuit will leave you sweating and sore! It's a total body high intensity workout that you can complete anywhere in just 15 minute. Imagine where you would be devoting just 15 minutes to fitness a day! #bodyweightworkout #homeworkout #homefitness #freeworkout

How have you been keeping up with your workout routine?
Need any extra motivation or a new workout to try?

Let me know! I’ll see what I can come up with for y’all!  

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