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My Favorite Workout Gear Essentials
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My Favorite Workout Gear Essentials

I’m excited to share with y’all my favorite workout gear! Fitness has been a passion of mine since college. I started taking group fitness classes and was hooked. By my junior year, I became an AFAA certified group fitness instructor and was teaching classes at the Texas A&M Rec Center. Now I’m also a NASM certified personal trainer and stay at home mom, so my workout gear game is on point.

Not saying that I’m a professional fashionista, but I am a fitness professional and lover of active wear! I’ve found some really awesome brands over the years, and now I want to share my favorite workout gear with y’all!

Check out some of the best workout gear on the market. Tops, bottoms and fitness accessories all at reasonable and discounted prices. I've included items for all seasons and different types of fitness. Take a look! #workoutgear #fitness #workoutclothes #athleticclothes #athlesiure #favoriteworkoutgear

Disclaimer: This Post May Contain Affiliate Links. At no additional cost to you, I will receive a small compensation when you click through to purchase. Think of it as a way to help support me and keep Amy’s Balancing Act up and running! See Disclosure Policy for more details.

Size Reference

Before I begin, I wanted to give y’all a size reference. Here are some of my measurements and my typical sizes when ordering online. I’ll let you know what size I wear in each of the items below!

I’m 5’7″ tall with long muscular legs and a small bust.

Tops: Small, medium if I want it oversized

Shorts: Medium, I don’t like them to be too tight around around my legs.

Leggings: Small to Medium depending on the brand

Leggings and Crops

ODODOS Pants and Crops

These pants are great and come at an awesome price. They aren’t necessarily a Lululemon dupe, but they’re comfortable, high waisted, have pockets and look cute for less than $25 each.

These come in both leggings and crop lengths, sizes XS to 3XL, and with about 20 color options to choose from. I personally have them in black and space dye black! I’m thinking I may need to add lavender to my collection for this spring.

I wear a size medium in ODODOS.

Colorfulkoala Leggings

You may have heard of this brand through Instagram and fashion bloggers, and I’m here to tell you that what they say is true. These leggings are amazing! They’re butter soft and the perfect fit. I love that they’re high waisted and don’t cut in at all!

I am a solid small in these, so if you’re in between sizes, I recommend sizing down!

**Update: Since this post, I’ve ordered another pair of these leggings! I now have two pairs in both full length and 7/8 with pockets. I love both and highly recommend.

Mipaws High Rise Leggings

Another awesome Amazon find that won’t break the bank and are great quality! I’ve had these leggings for a few months and love them. Like the Colorfulkoala leggings above, these are so soft and stretchy with just the right amount of compression. The full length leggings come in 8 different colors, and you can also find them in 7/8 length.

I purchased mine a size up (medium) as I was in early pregnancy when I bought them hoping they would stretch and continue to fit me. I’m pleased to say that they’re still comfortable at the beginning of my third trimester! That being said, order them true to size.

Mila Pocket Capri and Leggings

I’m steering away from Amazon and straight into Fabletics for these next leggings. I have 3 different pairs of these leggings! They come in tons of different sizes, colors and lengths for you to choose from! With sizes from XXS to 4XL, every single body type can wear these.

They recently came out with some new colors and prints that I’m so here for! I personally have the crops in burgundy and camo and the full length leggings in black. In these I am a small! I first ordered a medium postpartum with Brody and as I lost the weight, I needed to size down.

If you’re thinking about placing an order with Fabletics, I’d love for you to join via my referral link!


Athlarel Workout shorts

By far my favorite workout shorts! These make my favorite workout gear list because they are great for running, strength training, HIIT, stretching, you name it! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see me wearing these in black or green in several of my workout videos.

I wear these shorts comfortably in a size medium, but could probably wear a small! Below I’m wearing these shorts in black and the tie back workout tank in white!

ODODOS Biker Shorts with Pockets

I love these for running and walking because I can store my phone in the pockets without having to wear a belt! I wear a medium in these shorts, so if you’re in between sizes, go bigger!

Just like the pants/crops they come in tons of sizes, lengths and colors. Sizes XS to 3XL as well as 5″ and 8″ lengths. I wear mine to run in the 5″ length, but the 8″ length would be great for cycling workouts! And don’t forget that there are 21 colors in each length and you can get discounts for buying a pack of 2!


Icyzone Workout Tanks

These tanks come in a pack of 3 for just $24.99. You can find 10 different sets of 3 colors, and they come in size XS to XL! I personally love these as a lightweight, comfy option for warmer weather. You can also size up and throw them on over a swimsuit during the summer.

I ordered mine in a small! See the green tank paired with my camo Mila leggings in the collage photo above.

Mippo Tie Mesh Back Tank

I ordered this shirt to wear during the Disney Marathon! I love the way it fits and that it can be worn multiple ways. Since it ties in the back, you can wear it loose or tied! I actually started the race with it loose and tied it back towards the end when I was drenched in sweat!

I highly recommend this tank. It makes my favorite workout gear list because it’s super cute and comes in at only $16.99 with 18 color options and sizes XS to XL. I wear this in a small! Below you can see this tank worn loose with my Fairytale Athletics bubble gum wall leggings. You can see it worn tied in my marathon recap if you’re interested!

My favorite fitness gear is used for all types of workouts including my Disney marathon! #workoutgear #bestworkouttops #runningtank #tiebacktanktop #fitnesstank

Reebok Performance Racerback Tank

I don’t have this exact tank, but I have a similar, older version that I absolutely love. It’s perfect for warmer weather especially for sweat wicking in the humidity!

I find that sizing up for warm weather gear is more comfortable when you start dripping sweat, so I wear this style in a medium!

Tie Back Workout Top

Another tie back tank! I’m sharing this one as well because it’s quite different than the pink one above. The material is silky and buttery and feels so good when I’m wearing it. I prefer to wear this top while doing strength workouts or even as a cute athleisure shirt. Because the material is different, I don’t care for it as much while running. When it’s tied, I feel like it rides up more as I take each stride.

I’m wearing this shirt in a small in the photo above with my black shorts on! It comes in 6 different colors if you’re looks for something fun!

Joe’s Long Sleeve Athletic Shirt

I actually ordered this shirt as a running top for one of my runDisney race costumes. I ordered a small and it fit great! There are different 25 color options and they go from size XS to 4XL. Better yet, you can find this top in short sleeves too! Short sleeves come in the same size options with 15 different colors to choose from.

The North Face Funnel Neck Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt is incredibly similar to my favorite one from Fabletics. The Zaylee Funnel Neck Tunic is gorgeous and comfy, but now only available in a few select sizes and colors. Since it’s not available in most sizes, I did some research and found this amazing The North Face sweatshirt that is practically the same! It’s also coming in at a great price and 4 different colors in sizes XS to XXL.


Arm Sleeves

I ordered these arm sleeve for running purposes. In Texas, you never know just how warm, cool or humid a run will be in the winter months. These are great because you can still wear a tank and remove the arm sleeves if the weather warms up. I have them in white, blue and pink!

The photo above is me wearing them during the runDisney 10K this past January! I started the race with them on and removed them as I warmed up.

Syrokan Sports Bra

I have raved about this sports bra since I was pregnant with my second baby. It is incredibly supportive and comfortable. I love that it comes up higher and makes you feel completely contained during all types of exercises including high impact. It’s my go to bra for all workouts. I have it in several different colors and love the $28 price tag.

This brand SYROKAN also has several other styles of high impact sports bras from front closures to underwire support if you’re looking for something different. I wear the same size as my best fitting t-shirt bra!

My favorite workout gear.

There you have my current favorite workout gear. As per usual most of it can be found on Amazon because that’s where this busy mom of two is able to shop the easiest.

Getting to a store to try on clothes never happens these days! Even Target poses a challenge when I have two crazy toddlers in the dressing room. One always wants a snack and the other constantly asking when we’ll be done!

I hope that you found something new and interesting that you’d like to try! With warmer temperatures quickly approaching, take a look at my summer fitness essentials to make sure you’re stocked up!

Check out some of the best workout gear that you can find on Amazon Prime! Tops, bottoms and fitness accessories all at reasonable prices. I've included items for all seasons and different types of fitness. Take a look! #workoutgear #fitness #workoutclothes #athleticclothes #athlesiure #favoriteworkoutgear #amazonprime

Where do you get your favorite fitness gear?

What is one of your must have workout items?

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  1. Leggings with pockets are the best! Best workout invention ever. LOL. I’m looking to revamp my routine, so I’ll add these ideas to my list.

  2. Wow. I’ve got some Personal favourites in your list too! Might be time to add new stuff to my gym wardrobe!

  3. These workout outfits are very cute! I love seeing the pictures on a real person, not just the models in the store websites.

    1. I know what you mean. They always look so different without the photoshop editing! That’s why I actually did my hair and made my husband take pictures for me! Ha!

  4. I need to add those leggings to my wardrobe! Nothing beats a great pair. Thanks for sharing your favorite workout gear essentials. Super cute and helpful!

    1. Of course! These leggings are amazingly soft and comfortable! There are several colors and patterns too!

  5. You don’t need to spend a fortune to exercise. Thanks for the ideas!

    1. Agreed. There are several high quality, high cost fitness wear companies, but I’ve been finding so much at a reasonable price on Amazon.

  6. I love how functional and good-looking these pieces all are!

    1. Thank you! I truly love everything that I’ve shared and I wear them all the time!

  7. I am in desperate need of new workout gear. Thank you for sharing your recommendations 🙂

    1. Of course! I hope it led you to find something you love!

  8. These are cute outfits, I think it’s time to get some of these new gym gear! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Thank you! It’s always time for new gym gear right?

  9. These are some really good options for activewear. I really loved those leggings of yours. I love Shopping in Amazon as they always keep themselves updated with the latest trends in reasonable price. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks! Agree, Amazon always has new and reasonably priced options out there!

  10. You look so stylish in your workout gear 🙂 I love those Icytone tanks, I will definitely be checking those out. Thanks for the suggestion!

    1. Thanks Nicole! I literally live in it. Haha. The other great thing about the Icyzone tanks is that the brand has tons of options!

  11. Kimberlie says:

    This is a great haul. I’m excited to look into the Icyzone tanktops at that price point and since they come in a set. I can never find workout tops that I like as easily as I find bottoms. Thank you.

    1. I know what you mean! The Icyzone tanks are awesome and this company has several different tank options so you can find what works for you!

  12. Girl! These are fabulous finds! I don’t shop fashion on amazon but clearly I’m missing out! I didn’t know they had such cute workout gear. Looks like the quality is good too! I’m eyeing those tights, a mama can never own enough leggings, am I right?! LOL
    thanks for the awesome tip!

    1. Thanks Cendu! I hopped on the Amazon fashion train last year and won’t look back. I’m still shocked at how many awesome and reasonably priced items I find! Also, those leggings are literally my favorite!

  13. These were really helpful ideas. However I need to get up start working out first. I can never seem to manage more than 3 days working out in a row, and then there is a 1 week break!

    1. You can do it! I suggest setting a plan to workout every other day for two weeks. Choose the workouts you’ll do in advance and write them down on a calendar so you can check them off along the way!

  14. I love the tie back mesh tank! I’m also fanning over your DisneyRUN pic! That’s on my bucket list for sure!

    1. RunDisney is the absolute BEST! I highly recommend doing one if you ever get the chance. SO MUCH FUN!

  15. I can be found wearing workout gear virtually every day! Thanks for sharing your suggestions.

    1. Haha yes girl, me too!

  16. Pockets are EVERYTHING for me with my workout gear! I am definitely going to have to try those leggings! This is a great list!

  17. LOL since I’m a cyclist, I tend to get my fave workout gear at places like Performance Bicycle, REI’s biking section, our local Trek Bike store, etc etc etc! Oh, and sports bras from Jockey 🙂

    1. I totally get that! As a runner, I get a lot of my gear from specialty shops! I’ve just found that Amazon actually has a lot of great options these days!

  18. These are all such cute options! I am especially love your legging picks. I love that they are both cute and functional!


    1. Thanks Jennifer! I’m all for multipurpose activewear so I can wear it to workout but also wear it while just living my SAHM life!

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