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10 Fitness Essentials for Summer
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10 Fitness Essentials for Summer

It is HOT y’all! Like I wake up and it’s hot and I go to bed and it’s still hot. It’s only June which means we have a few more months of unbearable heat. Here’s the thing, I don’t let hot weather stop me from getting my workouts in over the summer. I’m still fitting in those weekend long runs and crushing my at home workouts. When I can, I try to get those workouts done inside, but every once in a while, I want to really sweat and feel the burn outside. Since I’m in the south, I know what summer fitness essentials you need to try to beat the heat!

Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning I receive a commission if you click through and purchase at no additional cost to you!

10 Essentials for Summer Workouts

Nathan SpeedShot Water Bottle: Great for runs or workouts that have you on the go. I love the insulated SpeedShot by Nathan. The insulation keeps it colder longer and the 12oz size is perfect.

High Impact Sports Bra: This one from Amazon is my all time FAVORITE! It has adjustable straps to tighten to your preference. I’ve found that it’s true to size and have it in multiple colors. It even contains the girls for all types of workouts while I’m breastfeeding! Here’s another zip front sports bra that I recently found and love!

Breathable Running Shorts: I recently found these and purchased them because they remind me of a Lululemon style. Turns out they’re awesome. I love the fit, and there is a back zipper pocket that fits your phone.

Light, Airy Workout Top: This one is from Lululemon and is a favorite of mine. I prefer lightweight, flowy racerback tanks. I don’t want it to stick to me at all. Lululemon may be a bit more expensive, but sometimes it’s worth it. I personally love their stink-resistant material for hot summer workouts.

Sweat Resistant Socks: Athletic socks are most important in the summer heat. Regular socks won’t wick away sweat the way that athletic socks do. They’re designed to help your feet stay dry and worth the investment. These Feetures are my favorites for all my distance runs!

Sport Sunscreen Lotion: I’m being a mom here, but make sure you apply sunscreen if you’re going to be in direct sunlight! Be sure to apply to your face, shoulders, and chest (if showing) before you workout. Use a lotion-based sunscreen designed to work even when you sweat. Neutrogena is my personal go-to.

HeadSweats Visor: Double sun protection! I always run in a HeadSweats visor. It blocks the sun from my eyes and the band keeps my sweat from dripping. I have a couple different colors and they even come in sparkles!

Maven Thread Thick Headbands: If I’m not wearing a visor, I probably have one of these holding my hair back. They keep my crazy hairs back, absorb sweat and hide my dirty hair.

On the Go Cleansing Wipes: Let’s be honest, you don’t always have time for a shower immediately after your workout. I love having some body wipes on hand if I need to run an errand or something before I can shower. They’re also great for after a workout when you aren’t dripping in sweat. These Summer’s Eve wipes give you a fresh, clean feeling in areas that may usually be stinky after you sweat!

Cooling Towel: Skip the regular sweat towel and invest in a cooling towel! It’s perfect for mid-workout when you’re feeling a little too hot and post-workout when you need to cool down. It chills instantly and stays cool for a couple of hours. This one even comes with a waterproof bag to keep in!

Now that you have all your gear, let’s get in a workout!

Since we’re talking all about summer fitness essentials today, I’m bringing y’all one of my upper body workouts. A solid burn so you can work towards those summer arms you’ve been dreaming about! Hello, tank tops! I pulled a workout from one of my little black workout books and changed it up a bit to something that would really make your arms burn. Trust me, it does. I gave it a go just the other day and was struggling during the third set!

I posted a quick video this morning of the moves, so pop over to Instagram to take a look! I’ve done 5-10 reps of each of the exercises and sped it up for you to get an idea of what to do for this workout!

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Check out these 10 fitness essentials for working out during the summer months! The best part is you can get them all on Amazon at a reasonable price! #fitnessessentials #summerworkout #armworkout #summerfitness #hotweatherfitness

What summer fitness essentials make your list?

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