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Friday Five Favorite Moments
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Friday Five Favorite Moments

Happy FriYay! I’ve got some fun stuff coming up today, so I’m going to keep it short. I’m behind on my pre-posting schedule because of my trip! So worth it. Speaking of my trip, here’s another sneak peek because that’s my first few favorite moments this week!

one. Sunday we walked all over the place in San Francisco! This was just before we were about to board a boat to take us over to visit Alcatraz Island. I took so many pictures at Alcatraz on my DSLR that I can’t wait to share with y’all. First I need to find some time in my life to go through all of them! Time…what’s time?

two. Monday we went for a run along The Embarcadero. I talked about how I try to go for a run in most new cities that I visit on Wednesday. San Francisco was no exception! I love that JP is such a great sport when it comes to running with me. 6 years ago, he wouldn’t have been as thrilled about the experience. I’m so proud of him for finding a love for running simply because his bride enjoys it. It’s a special adventure that we can participate in together and I love it! It’s usually one of the highlights of my trip because I’m a nerd like that.

three. Monday morning after our run, we had our last meal in San Francisco and this was too delicious not to write about! We looked up good breakfast joints near our hotel and Pat’s Cafe was rated very highly on Trip Advisor. Not just as a breakfast place, but it was #36 out of over 5,000 restaurants in the area! Oh my goodness, I’m so glad we went! The coffee was good and the food was amazing. JP had the Chilaquiles and I had Chocolate Peanut Butter Pancakes with fruit on top. Obviously I made the better choice. They had several different pancake flavors and I was tempted to have the pecan pumpkin spice, but couldn’t resist my favorite flavor combination. If you’re headed to SF, Pat’s Cafe is a must stop for a good hearty breakfast or brunch!

four. Seeing this girl on Tuesday morning for the first time since Thursday night was by far the BEST part of my week hands down. The way her face lit up when she woke up and saw that it was her momma coming to get her. Of course shortly after she proceeded to cry at me. I know she was just telling me that she missed me and that she was upset that I left her. After she got that out of her system and we had a nice, long nursing session, she was a happy girl for her momma. A very needy girl who wouldn’t let her mom out of her sight, but happy nonetheless. Spending my days with my Chloe girl are my favorite. I have the coolest best friend in the world.

five. I couldn’t choose just one picture for my fifth favorite moment this week, so y’all get three. Yesterday I went out and about running errands with my sassy princess. We had to go to my favorite nail salon to get a gift card for Ashley’s birthday. Well Chloe was asleep and being so good that I decided to just go for it and get a pedicure while I was there! She woke up literally 2 minutes after we walked in the door. I got her out of her carseat and she sat and snuggled and played the whole time. She got fussy at one point and I just nursed her. The other ladies around we were moms and so supportive. They kept complimenting how good and beautiful she was which made this momma’s heart soar. Afterwards, we headed to Ashley’s to visit with our best girls! Ali came over with brand new baby Renee! She’s absolutely gorgeous, and I’m so excited she’s here. She makes Chloe look like a giant baby, and it’s hard to remember her that small. We spent over 4 hours just lounging and talking which was the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon. I have the best friends.

So there you have it. My best moments are pretty much San Francisco and hanging with my girl! My life is so good and my heart is so full. Now for a long, relaxing weekend with my favorite people and pups. This one is for chilling out and taking it easy. We’ll see if I can actually stick to that! Have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend y’all!

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