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Life Lately…
Life Lately

Life Lately…

Hi there friends! Today I thought I’d just share a little about the life of Amy as of lately because I’m nosy and want to know what others are doing, so maybe someone is interested in this crazy life of mine!

Lately I’ve been…

reading The Martian and Stiff. Yes, two books at one time. I have my travel/poolside book and my bathtub book. Both are absolutely fabulous. The Martian has been turned into a movie recently which I have yet to see. Probably because I wanted to read the book first! My dad recommended it and let me borrow it. So far, so good and I’m almost done! Stiff is actually a book I’m borrowing from my sister about cadavers. That’s right, you read it, cadavers. As in human cadavers. It’s funny, witty and a great read. I can’t wait to review both of them for y’all! Anything I should read next?

listening to Kelsea Ballerini Peter Pan, Justin Bieber Love Yourself, Florida Georgia Line Confession & HOLY, Taylor Swift Out of the Woods, and Mickey Mouse Club House The Hot Dog Song. I wish I was joking about the last one, but she loves it. It makes Chloe laugh, dance and it entertains her. In case you were wondering, there is a video on YouTube that plays it over and over again for an hour. We listened to it for 15 minutes yesterday. 15 minutes of Hot Dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog. The things you do for your babies!


watching Dancing with the Stars (at least I was), Game of Thrones, The Bachelorette, Once Upon a Time, Dance Moms, anything on HGTV…swoon. Oh yeah, and Mickey Mouse Club House…duh.

thinking about all the changes and excitement that life is bringing over the next several months. My youngest brother Matt is graduating in May and off to college at Lamar University in August. My sister is getting married in just over 3 weeks! My older of my younger brothers Ben is moving across the WORLD to Taipei, Taiwan in August. My baby girl turns one in July! I mean there is just so much going on!

looking forward to Charlotte coming to Houston in just 6 days! She’ll be her for 3 weeks to celebrate Emily’s wedding festivities and she’s staying with me! I mean, my house is practically home to her since she lived with us for 6 months in 2013. She’ll be back in her old room, it’s just a little bit pinker and babier these days. This is the longest time we’ve spent apart from each other since before I got married. I can’t wait for her to get here for all of our seester shenanigans to begin!

working out about 5 times a week! Score!
Last week’s workouts:

Wednesday (5/18): 100 Pyramid workout (see below)
Thursday (5/19): Rest
Friday (5/20): Bike 15+ miles around San Francisco! + 160 squats
Saturday (5/21): Rest +180 Squats
Sunday (5/22): Walk 7+ miles around San Francisco! +185 squats
Monday (5/23): Run 3.5 miles along The Embarcadero Drive
Tuesday (5/24): Teach Kickboxing {I did 20 minutes} + 190 Squats
Wednesday (5/25): Teach Kickboxing {I did 45 minutes} + 220 squats

wishing time would slow down. It’s flying by with so much to do. Luckily it’s because I have much to look forward to these next few months, but my baby girl is growing up before my eyes! She’s crawling, pulling up, cruising around all of our furniture, babbling and becoming more independent. Where did my tiny, squishy newborn baby go? She’ll be 10 months old this weekend, so I’ve got to get ready for her next update!

ready for Emily’s bachelorette party in two weeks from today! Get ready ladies, New Braunfels doesn’t know what’s coming. It’s going to be a blast!

happy that I have a week off of work! The good thing about working only on Mondays and Wednesdays is that when you have a Monday holiday, you get a week off. A week to spend snuggling my favorites at home!

What have y’all been up to lately?
Any books, songs, shows I should check out?

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