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5 Reasons to RUN + How to Find Yours

5 Reasons to RUN + How to Find Yours

Happy National Running Day! To some this “holiday” may not be that big of a deal. Most probably don’t even know it’s a thing. But to those of us in the running community, today is a big day! It’s a day to celebrate one of the things we love most. One of the things that gets us going, keeps us strong and helps to ground us. Running is such a beautiful sport. Anyone can do it. You don’t have to be fast. You don’t have to be thin. All you have to have is the will to do it. Here are 5 reasons to run and then just how you can find yours!

Running can be so much more than a way to workout. It doesn't have to be torture but something you chose to do. Here are five reasons why I run. Plus some tips on how to get started and find your own reasons to get out and RUN!

Speaking of the will to run, today I want to talk about motivation: what motivates me and how to find your motivation to run! Running is for everyone. You can chose your speed. You can chose your distance. The key is finding your happy place and a reason to keep going. Once you have that, you’ll be hooked and won’t look back!

Let’s start with what motivates me.

1. The Views

I love exploring and seeing new things when I run. Getting lost in the views around me helps me to keep going. I mentioned last week that I love running in new cities because I get to explore in a different way. Those runs are always the best! When I’m home, I try to test out new routes and see things from a different angle.

2. This Little Girl

I want to be the best version of myself for this little girl right here. Staying in shape and doing what makes me happy will in the end make me a better mommy for Chloe. I also hope that my running encourages her to be active and pursue her passions when she gets older. She’s the best little running buddy and I would love to run 5Ks with her when she gets bigger!

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3. This Guy

For the same reason that I run for Chloe, I run for JP. I want to be my best me for him! Running is my way to decompress and let off steam some days. This way I don’t unload more on him than he needs! Running helps me to feel good about myself and confident in my own skin. I need to run to think and have some alone time. These are all things I need to make me a good wife and mother. Running is how I take care of myself because it’s something I’m passionate about! I also run for JP because he chose to run for me. It is something I love and he wanted to support me and try it too. Now we run together some and it’s been such a fun experience!

4. Disney

I also run for Disney because running Disney races is absolutely amazing and Disney vacations are even better. Seriously runDisney does it right. Always. Plus you get to dress up. Running in costume is always fun and in my opinion, super motivating!

5. ME!

That’s right, I run for me! I’m pretty sure all of my reasons circle right back around to this one right here. I run for me! It may be number 5 on my list, but in the end, I am my number 1 reason to run. If that isn’t motivation in itself, I don’t know what is. This is my way of investing in myself. I love my me time and finding ways to challenge myself. I love to run.

How to get started running and find your reason why.

Not everyone loves to run. I know so many people that just don’t like it. Sometimes, you just have to give it another chance. Here are some of my tips to getting started:

  1. Start slow. There is no need to bust out with a personal record when you’re getting into it. Take your time. Walk some and jog some. You’ll find a rhythm. Once you’re ready, challenge yourself. Run a little longer or walk a little less.
  2. Find a reason to do it other than you have to. Make running a treat not a chore. Is it time to yourself? Does it make you feel good about yourself? Is it a chance to get out of the house? Does it give you time to enjoy the weather and just be outside? Anything, just find a reason that doesn’t make it an obligation.
  3. Enjoy yourself. If you make it fun, you have fun. Find a new route or trail to explore. Go at different times of the day. Figure out when and where is best for you so that you’re looking forward to the next time.
  4. Find a running buddy! Running with friends can sometimes be better than running alone. I love my me time, but running with Chandra or JP makes time fly by especially when I’m challenging myself to new distances. Some days I think I would be lost if I hadn’t met Chandra and become running besties…and just great friends in general! See if one of your friends wants to get started with you. It’s also great to have an accountability partner!

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There you have it. Just 5 reasons why I run and a few tips to get you started and to find YOUR reason to run! Now get out there and RUN!

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