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The Dopey-est Girl: Why I love to run

The Dopey-est Girl: Why I love to run

It’s time for the September edition of the Dopey-est girl where I share with y’all my training journey to completing the craziest physical feat I’ve ever signed up for: The runDisney Dopey Challenge. 4 days. 4 races. 48.6 miles. Today I want to dive a little deeper and share about something very personal: why I love to run. Some sort of love for running must lie within anyone crazy enough to sign up for the Dopey Challenge!

I found running 11 years ago. I wanted to run a half marathon with a few girl friends just to say that I did it. What I didn’t realize is that I would fall in love with the sport. Non-runners may not understand what there is to love about running, so let me tell you why.

Why I love running. Many people look at me like I'm crazy or speaking in tongues when I say that I genuinely love running. There are so many things to love and appreciate about the sport when you look at it. These are the reasons I love running and why I'm training for the runDisney Dopey Challenge!

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Why I love to run.

I run to…

  • relieve the stress of everyday life.
  • think and sort of all of the thoughts rolling around in my brain.
  • feel the pavement beneath my feet.
  • get stronger and faster.
  • have something just for me.
  • escape from the here and now.
  • feel challenged and powerful.
  • make new friends who lift me up.
  • get some awesome medals to add to my collection.
  • create new goals and crush them.
  • connect with friends doing something healthy and good for us!
  • explore new cities.
  • be the best and healthiest version of me.

The Stress Relief

Running is a stress reliever. When I started running, I was a college student nearing graduation. I needed that stress relief. I didn’t realize sometimes just how wound up I was between studying and trying to find a job. Of course little did I know that life and stressors would get much more complex down the road. Nowadays running relieves stress from a long hard day, sleepless nights from a teething baby, arguments with my husband, raising a strong willed toddler, figuring out how to be a good wife and mother and so much more. I always feel better and more stress free after a run.

The Challenge

Every time I step out the door and hit the pavement for a run it challenges me. Each run is a different type and level of challenge, but it always pushes me. Some runs are easy, but I still push my body and test my lungs. Other runs are hard and I have to push myself mentally, physically and even spiritually. Pushing through and overcoming these challenges is what makes me crave running. I love the challenge.

Why I love to run! Some people think I'm crazy, but I truly love the sport. That's why I'm training for the runDisney Dopey Challenge.

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The Commraderie

The running community is a beautiful place. We pump each other up and cheer each other on. Runners support runners! I have a great story about how a complete stranger helped me during a race. I was running a 30K in December and it was unseasonably warm and humid. Just a little over a mile from the finish line, my breathing was incredibly labored and I realized that I wasn’t carrying my inhaler. Another runner saw my struggle and happened to have an inhaler on her that she offered to me! Like I said, runners support other runners. I think we just get each other and want to see each other succeed.

I have also made so many friends through running! In fact, I met one of my closest friends in my running club. We were told to turn to someone we don’t know and introduce ourselves. I told her my name is Amy and we’re going to be best friends – or something along those lines. Needless to say, it actually happened and it’s a story we love to think back on and talk about!

The Health Benefits

This is probably no big shock to anyone, but the health benefits of running definitely keep me going. Running improves your joints, builds strong bones, helps to maintain your weight, increases your cardiovascular fitness, decreases your risk for cancer and heart disease, improves your mood and so much more. It doesn’t matter if you run 1 mile or 26.2 miles, running is good for you! As a personal trainer, I can’t help but focus on my health.

I just love to run.

It’s the truth. I just love to run. The way it makes me feel, the challenge it presents me, the medals and bling I get along the way, all make the struggles of running worth it.

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Where are my runners out there? What do you love about running?

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