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Fall Bucket List for the Whole Family
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Fall Bucket List for the Whole Family

Fall is right around the corner. I know some of us are still clinging to the last few days of summer, but momma is ready for fall. It’s my favorite season, and though it may not actually cool off in Houston until November, there is so much to love about the season. Not only is there so much to love, but there is so much to do! I’ve been thinking about what I want to do with my littles this year and came up with this awesome family fall bucket list! Remember things should be fun for you too, not just your kids!

Family Fall Bucket List

Fall bucket list for the whole family to enjoy! From tailgating and watching football to pumpkin patches and Hocus Pocus, these are some fun fall activities everyone will love!

I geared some items towards the little ones like hay rides, trick or treat at the zoo and fruit picking at a farm. But let’s be real, as a parent these are things you also want to experience with your kids. I’ve always loved going to Zoo Boo here in Houston, so I recommend seeing if your local zoo offers something similar!

Best baby friends at the Houston Zoo Boo in 2017!
Chloe and her best friend Renee at the Houston Zoo Boo in 2017!

Let’s be real, a lot of items on the list I want to do just as much as the kids like visiting a pumpkin patch, Hocus Pocus movie night and carving pumpkins! I’m determined to make them love Hocus Pocus just as much as I do. We could even make a whole evening out of carving pumpkins, roasting the seeds and watching Hocus Pocus while drinking apple cider! I can smell the wonders of fall already. And if Chloe has it her way, we’ll be baking as many fall treats as possible. Baking is her current favorite thing to do.

I also added a few to do that I know are specifically on my husband’s to do list. He’s part of the family too! Not to mention, we’re a football family so tailgating and football games are just what we do.

Family tailgate for Texas A&M Aggie football game

I love finding things to do that incorporate the whole family. Now that Chloe is old enough to care about what we do, a lot of it is centered around her. Then I just try to sprinkle in fun for the rest of the gang. This family fall bucket list is a winner in my book! I can’t wait to check things off over the next few months.

What are some items on your fall bucket list? Did I miss anything you want to do?!

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Fall Bucket List for the whole family to enjoy!

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  1. This Fall bucket list is amazing! I see a few things on there that I have on my list as well. Happy Fall!

    1. There are so many great things to do in fall. It’s my favorite season!

  2. I love this bucket list! So fun for fall! Here’s an article I think you might like: How to Throw the Best Children’s Birthday Party

    1. Thanks Rian! I’ll definitely check it out.

  3. This is so fun! I especially love the idea of a hocus pocus night. That was always a favorite growing up.

    1. Yes! Hocus Pocus is my absolute favorite! I hope they like it as much as I do 🙂

  4. I love this list! My kids love going to a corn maze every fall. It is an annual activity they look forward to all year long!

    1. Oh a corn maze! I didn’t think of that. I need to look and see if we have one near us.

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