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Chloe Grace: 6 Months Old
Chloe Grace

Chloe Grace: 6 Months Old

On Friday, my little ChloWorm celebrated her half birthday! 6 months y’all! It’s hard to believe that she’s been here with us for half a year already. They say that time goes by in the blink of an eye when you have little ones, and I’m learning that those are too true. My little wiggle worm is getting bigger and growing into a little lady before my eyes!

After the craziness of traveling and the holidays, this past month has been a little more low key. Well, the second half of the month it was low key. Chloe started her 5 month going BACK to Disney World! I have a Disney baby, what can I say? This second trip was a bit different then the first. It was longer, there were more people in our group, we ran some races and most importantly, Daddy came with us! Here are a few of our Disney recap posts if you missed them! {here, here, here}

Once we returned from Disney, nearly half the month had passed! This is when things slowed WAY down. Thank goodness! We stayed home during the weekends and spent quality time together going on walks, playing in Chloe’s room, practicing Chloe’s sitting skills, playing with our puppies and just snuggling.

These days Chloe loves to sit up all by herself! She has mastered the skill and can even pull herself from sitting to standing while holding onto my fingers. Slow down little one! I think her ability to sit on her own has increased her interest in the toys around her. She really started to enjoy playing this past month. She has become very grabby and wants to get ahold of everything! Her Exersaucer is still a favorite spot for self entertainment. Now she can actually press on the animals and buttons to see the cause and effect. For example, she can press on the elephant to make him trumpet or pull the helicopter to make a sound. Typing it out, it seems like such a little thing, but as a momma, it’s those little things that make your heart soar. I love watching her interact with people and things. She studies everything with more intentions now, and I can tell her little brain is working so hard!

Chloe has been teething for the past few months. She drools everywhere and loves to put everything in that little mouth of her. Speaking of putting things in her mouth, we started solids on her 6 month birthday! Our first attempt was oatmeal mixed with breastmilk. As you can see above, she wasn’t too sure about it. The next morning, we tried sweet potatoes and they were a success! We’ve also given her fresh banana in her mesh feeder which I’m pretty sure is her favorite so far. I’ve been making food for her over this past week in our Baby Bullet, and it’s so fun! I have sweet potatoes mixed with breast milk, bananas, squash and zucchini in the freezer right now. After we try these basic starters, I’ll work on getting more creative. The Baby Bullet came with a recipe book and a grocery guide which I know will be so helpful!

Since she’s a busy, growing girl, trying solid food wasn’t the only first this month! This month’s firsts:

  • First wedding {Collin and Maggie}
  • First family vacation
  • First time at a race expo {She actually went to 2 this month!}
  • First time to sit casually!
  • First night in her own crib {though unsuccessful}
  • First week without Daddy
  • First time in a swing at the park
  • First solid foods!

My Darling Chloe Grace,

Another month has gone by and you continue to amaze me. You grow, change and learn so much in a mere 30 days! This past month you have met so many milestones from learning to sit up like a big girl to intentionally reaching for toys and people. I love the way your eyes light up when I come into a the room or when I come home from work. It makes me so happy to know that you love me just as much as I love you! You’re a special little girl with the most beautiful personality in the whole world!

This past month was exciting! We went to Disney World again and you were so good on our trip. It was exhausting, but worth it. When we came home, I tried to get you to start sleeping in your own room. Let’s just say, that didn’t happen. After 3 nights of Mommy getting up 3 times and you ending up in our bed in the end, I decided you just weren’t ready yet. While I love our nightly cuddle sessions, I think it’s time we work on weening you off of those. Since you started eating real food this week, I hope that your little tummy will hold off longer each night. We’ll see what happens and maybe you’ll be in your room by the end of this month. We’ll know when you’re ready!

You are such a happy girl these days, and you have so many favorite things! Bath time is your favorite, so I can’t wait to get you started in swim lessons in the next few months. You also love story time while we rock together in your room. Lately, we’ve been playing in your room a lot! You love your play gym especially now that you can interact with it so much more. All the different sounds you can make while you move around keeps you entertained for quite a while.  You’re constantly working and trying to grab a hold of anything you can get your hands on! You really like Mommy’s hair, Daddy’s arm hair and Maggie’s head. I have to start watching you at the store so you don’t grab ahold of things on the shelves. Your movements are becoming quite calculated, and I’m going to be in trouble with your curiosity once you’re on the move. I’m okay with that though. Curiosity is one of the best ways to learn.

As always, I can’t believe how fast time is flying and what a big girl you’re becoming. You’ll always be my little baby though. I love you more and more each day. It’s hard to believe that a heart can hold that much love for someone else! I know that it will only continue to grow just as you do. Baby girl, keep learning and growing while you become your own person. I am so blessed to be your mommy and your best friend. I love you to the moon and back. Keep being you, little bug!

I love you forever,

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