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Chloe Grace: 7 Months Old
Chloe Grace

Chloe Grace: 7 Months Old

This little beauty turned 7 months old yesterday! I had her pictures taken and ready to go, but couldn’t pull this post together in time. Too much snuggling and playing to do with too little time! As she gets older, I just want to hold her and squeeze her and spend as much time with her as possible. Before I know it, she’ll be on the move and won’t want to spend as much time in Momma’s arms.

This past month, we did quite a bit less traveling. Chloe started her sixth month in College Station with a weekend visit to her Jojo and Pops! I love that College Station isn’t too far so that Chloe can spend more time with them! The rest of the month was spent mostly in Houston with one more trip to College Station with Daddy when Momma went to Florida for a work conference.

Over the last month, we were able to do so much. She is at such a fun and interactive stage. We went to the zoo, played at the park, went on countless walks and even started our own little mommy/baby group! Chloe is excited to have some girlfriends close to her age. Of course, she’s the youngest which is fitting since I’m always the youngest of my friends! While the girls are only 1 and 3 months older than her, at this age it seems like so much more! I love that she’ll have friends to grow up, play and start school with!

As you can see, Chloe is sitting like a champ. She is very strong when laying on her belly, but still hasn’t shown any interest crawling yet. Who knows, maybe she’ll be like her momma and skip crawling all together. Her favorite thing to do is stand, but she definitely needs our help still! She can stand up while holding onto something like her Exersaucer or a table, but she just lets go after a little while. And there isn’t nothing graceful about her fall which is why I’m always holding on to her. Lately, she’s also been interested in walking while she stands. She takes teeny, tiny little steps, and it’s so adorable! One leg likes to step better than the other. I think over the next few months she’ll really get the hang of it. Hopefully she doesn’t walk too early though! I’m pretty content with my immobile little one right now!

Not only is she growing so much physically, but mentally and verbally too! She’s a very serious baby and likes to take in all of her surroundings. Some days you really have to work to get her to smile at you. Some days she’s all smiles! It depends on how much is going on around her. Chloe has also started talking up a storm. She has so much to say and her favorite is “dada”! That’s right, she’s officially said her first word! She also makes a lot of other sounds and occasionally says words that sounds like hi, yeah, wawa and every so often mama. Mostly mama comes out when she’s fussy! I love hearing her sweet little voice. When she’s really chatty, her words come out singsongy. I think that has to do with all the singing her momma and nonna do!

She’s still teething and no teeth have come in yet. She loves to chew on all of her toys, our fingers and especially frozen toys or frozen avocado or banana! She drools all over the place, so bibs have been the latest and greatest fashion accessory! The bibs are also great since we’re eating real foods every day. This little girl loves to eat! She’s like a little bird when we bust out her breakfast or dinner. If we don’t feed her fast enough, she’ll open her mouth, say ahhh and flap her arms around! I totally understand little girl, food is super important. She gets kind of hangry like her momma!

We had lots of firsts this last month (I think I say that every month!):

  • First playgroup
  • First week without Daddy (He had a work trip!)
  • First weekend without Mommy (I had a work conference!)
  • First Super Bowl party
  • First Valentine’s Day!
  • First foods. She loves sweet potatoes, avocado, bananas and squash the most!
  • First word…Dada!

My Darling Chloe Grace,

Here I am again writing you another letter. Again I’m telling you how fast you’re growing, how beautiful you are and how I can’t imagine my life without you! You bring joy to everyone around you. You brighten life with just one smile. You make people feel better with just your presence. How lucky am I to be your momma?

You have made so many physical and mental changes this last month. While you didn’t necessarily grow a lot or gain a lot of weight, but you are much stronger. Your sitting balance has improved and standing is your favorite thing to do. You still love playing in your Exersaucer and now your bouncer at Nonna and Grandpa’s. Your chunky thighs are working hard with all of your movement these days. Mentally, you are a thinker girl! I love watching you look around and take everything in. You think so hard and can be quite a serious little girl. That is one of my favorite things about you. You love to take in life and your surroundings, so we have to work for our smiles some days!

Food has become one of your new best friends! You love to eat and you’re so good at trying new things. You current favorites are sweet potatoes, bananas, avocados and squash. You don’t like plain oatmeal or pears, but those are the only things you’ve really rejected. I like to try and give you bites of what I’m eating to see how you like it! Turkey meatballs seemed to be a hit as well as baked potato. You love your carbs! (It’s okay, me too. Carbs are the best!) Along with eating time, you love bath time! It’s still your favorite time of day. We started a bedtime routine where you get a bath with Mommy and Daddy puts your lotion on and gets you dressed for bed. Then you get to snuggle and eat before we read you a story and put you down in your own bed! We’re still getting up once or twice a night, but that’s way better than last month! Plus you’re in your bed and not with Mommy and Daddy. I’m so proud of my big girl. Soon you’ll be sleeping through the night, I just know it!

I love you so much my happy, serious, beautiful girl! Life with you is beyond perfection. We had rough days every now and then, but most days are just the best. I pray that you continue to grow big, strong and smart. I pray that you will grow up to know how loved you are by your family on earth and your Heavenly Father. I pray that you will be happy and go through life with positive thoughts despite the negative world around you. I pray that you will continue to develop this beautiful personality and just be you! Thank you for loving me baby girl. I will love you forever, more than you can ever imagine.

I love you forever,

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