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Chloe Grace: Two Years Old
Chloe Grace

Chloe Grace: Two Years Old

And just like that my bitty baby is two years old. 

I’m not going to lie, I’ve gone back through my birth story and all of her monthly updates over the past couple of days. I’ve laughed, gotten teary eyed, had baby fever and felt pure joy. How could the last two years of my life been filled with more joy and laughter? They couldn’t. It’s been amazing and I wouldn’t have it any other way. But this post is not about me and my feelings. It’s about my big girl and all of her accomplishments!

Year two of Chloe’s life has been a blast! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed being a mommy to a bitty baby, but watching her grow, learn and become her own person the last year has been amazing.

Chloe has so much personality! She is sassy and oh so strong willed. She is constantly testing her boundaries and pushing my buttons. It can be frustrating, but I’m also very thankful for it. I know that it will continue to be her most frustrating and admirable quality just as my mom has said the same for me. The funny thing is that she is definitely a mix between JP and me. Not only is she strong willed, but she can also be incredibly easy going. Her daddy is very laid back and go with the flow, and she can be as well! Chloe travels and adjusts to new surroundings shockingly well for a toddler. I think it helps that we started taking her so many places at a young age. Watching her grow into the person she is becoming is amazing. I love getting to know my favorite tiny human as she becomes her own person!

Chloe is very vocal. She isn’t afraid to tell you no that’s for sure! She jibber jabbers all the time, but is also speaking some small sentences. Some of her current favorites are “I do it.” “Hold you momma.” “I jump more.” “Oh no, I boo boo!” along with several others along those lines. She is currently my little parrot! She copies what we’re saying these days, so we’ve started trying to watch what we say around her. I’m pretty sure she is learning a new word every day at this point. They aren’t always said perfectly and she may not know exactly what she’s saying, but she’s doing it!

Even though Chloe is a happy go lucky, traveling the world kind of little girl, she has another side as well. She’s actually pretty serious and kind of a home body! When she sets her mind to something, she has a very serious sort of determination. Also when we’re just relaxing at home and she’s in her own little world, she likes to be left there until she invites you in. We’ve also entered a stage where she just wants to be at home. She loves playing in her game room, her backyard and her front yard. Going on walks is also acceptable according to Chloe. Some days I’ll ask her if she wants to go to xyz or stay home and she’ll say home most of the time! I try to keep her home for the majority of the day at least 2-3 week days to give her the down time she needs at home!

Our little girl is so full of joy. She loves to..

  • swim! All day every day if she had the chance.
  • pretend to cough until someone asks if she okay.
  • jump on the couch.
  • walk down the stairs yelling “I do it!” so no one helps her.
  • go in and out of her princess tent in the game room.
  • splash in her water table.
  • go on walks in her stroller, on her bike or in her new wagon.
  • drink water out of the faucet in the bathtub when we turn it down to a trickle.
  • just be at home some days.
  • watch Mickey & the Roadster Racers while snuggling on the couch before bed.
  • eat popsicles while swinging on the porch.
  • dress up in her Anna and Elsa dresses whenever momma will let her!

There you have it my newborn turned into a baby and then a toddler before me eyes. I love watching her grow and learn, and I can’t wait to see where the next year together leads us. Big changes are coming her way shortly with 3 weeks overseas and then she starts Mother’s Day Out a couple of days after we return!

Happy happy birthday baby girl! Momma and Daddy love you more than you know!

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