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Minnie & Daisy Super Splash-tastic 2nd Birthday Party!
Chloe Grace

Minnie & Daisy Super Splash-tastic 2nd Birthday Party!

Hey hey hey! I made it through Chloe’s 2nd birthday and party! Oddly enough I didn’t shed a tear on her birthday. It’s probably because I was so busy. I spent all day Friday cleaning and prepping. Then Saturday cleaning again and getting all set up! Her birthday was Saturday, so I had to have her party on the actual day. But oh my goodness, I forgot how overwhelming throwing a birthday party can be. {If you want a flashback, here is Chloe’s 1st birthday party post!}

Let’s take a look at the big day! Prepare for less words and lots of pictures!

The Decorations
Since Chloe is absolutely obsessed with Minnie and Daisy, we had to do a Minnie and Daisy themed birthday party! I was able to stock up on tons of pink and purple decorations at my favorite giant party store in downtown Houston, Arne’s!

Just like last year, I printed out over 100 pictures of Chloe over the last year and scattered them throughout the house. I finally bought an album for year one and two! I hope to keep this up as a fun way to showcase our girl on her day.

Cupcakes as always are from Crave Cupcakes in Houston. Crave is 100% my go to cupcakery! I buy minis from them for every special occasion: birthdays, baby showers, gender reveal, you name it! If you live in Houston, you have to give them a try. You won’t regret it.

Since it’s July in Houston, I knew that we would have to have water if we wanted to be outside. It turned out that Saturday was the hottest day of the year so far. Luckily, we rented this super awesome waterslide bounce house! Best decision ever.

The Party

We had so many friends and family members show up to celebrate Chloe! She doesn’t even know how loved she is.

 When we sang “Happy Birthday” Chloe wasn’t too sure about it. She kept saying Momma at every pause in the song. It was kind of adorable and my sister managed to get it on video! Apparently Chloe doesn’t like being the center of attention like her momma…yet!

Later in the afternoon, the grown ups hit the waterslide! We had so much fun. Possibly more fun than the little kiddos did! We found different ways to go down the slide and shoot ourselves off at take off. Let’s just say that this was the best purchase for the party and I fully intend to get one of these guys again!

The Presents

Getting a two year old to open presents is quite a feat. She gets distracted super easily and is ready to play with most of the toys as soon as she opens them! 

She loves to yank the tissue paper out of the bags. It’s funny because it’s almost an angry rip out of the bag.

This picture below cracks me up even though it’s blurry. For starters, JP and my faces are hilarious. My eyeballs in particular. Second, even though Chloe is out of focus, she’s so cute! She brought her new Minnie Mouse light up shoes to Auntie Emmy and is asking her to put them on her. Of course Auntie Emmy stopped what she was doing to help the princess.

Girlfriend was totally and completely spoiled by our friends and family. The love everyone showers on our girl is beyond appreciated. When Chloe was born, I knew that she would be loved, but I never expected to have so many people go above and beyond in our lives. It brings tears to my eyes to see the love poured out for our baby girl. Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate with us. Thank you to everyone who had other obligations, but still took the time to send love and messages. Thank you to everyone who plays a positive roll in my daughter’s life. You all mean so much to us! So here is to another year in the life of Chloe Grace. It’s hard to believe my baby is two!

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