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What’s in Chloe’s Bag?
Chloe Grace

What’s in Chloe’s Bag?

Last week {okay, the week before last because I went missing last week} I posted about my summer purse/diaper/gym bag. I always find it fascinating the different things that women carry in their bags. Everyone seems to be different. It makes sense. We all have different needs and values, so our purses have all sorts of different things in them. Since I’ve transitioned away from the diaper bag, I’ve been using my Longchamp tote for all of mine and Chloe’s necessities. You can check out mine here if you missed it, but today we’re going to talk about what all Chloe has in our bag! This week is all about Chloe after all! {Only 2 more days until my baby is 2!}

For starters, you can see that the majority of what I have in my bag is for this little girl! Tiny humans need a lot of stuff! Luckily toddlers need a little less than babies, so for now, I can carry my normal bag. Let’s dive in.

Diapers & wipes because obviously girlfriend is not potty trained yet. We’re not quite ready to jump on that train until after all of our traveling is done the next couple of months. An extra change of clothes because you never really know what’s going to happen. Chloe loves the water so much that she’s been known to get soaked given the opportunity. Also blow outs. They don’t happen as often, but you don’t want to be left in poopy clothes if it does! Lately I’ve also had to carry sunglasses because Chloe wants to be like mommy! She got these fabulous white rhinestone ones from her great Auntie Liz and Uncle Joe. She’s kind of obsessed.

Snacks. All of the snacks. I need a few snacks in my part of the bag for my hangries, but Chloe needs ALL the snacks. Multiple options must be available in case of emergency. She may love something on day and hate it the next. How dare I offer her bunny grams? Those are so not fetch today. I usually keep an apple sauce, bunny grams, goldfish, raisins, a kids Cliff bar and in case of emergency gummies aka the g word. She’s so obsessed with gummies, but I try not to give them to her very often. If I need to whip them out to make a situation better though, you better believe I’m not above bribery! If I know we’ll be out and about for a while, I may also add some grapes, strawberries or other fruit and a string cheese! I usually keep her snacks in a quart size baggie to contain them in my purse. Otherwise, I would have snacks everywhere!

In her little “makeup bag” I keep a variety of things that we may not use every day, but I don’t want to be caught without. Tylenol and syringe for teething, sunscreen for sunshine, diaper cream for rashes, bug spray for bugs, a comb for crazy hair and Boogie wipes for runny noses. {I should really use the bug spray in there, but I always forget!} As you can see, we have a necklace and a pony, in case of emergency of course. Those were Chloe additions. I also started carrying crayons and a small book for Chloe to color. She’s started enjoying coloring lately, and it’s a great time passer if we’re out and about. Plus, it doesn’t take up much space.

As you can see, girlfriend doesn’t exactly pack lightly. I never want to get caught wishing I had something and be left empty handed. Sometimes I put Chloe’s stuff into her giraffe backpack in the picture above! Then I’ll just throw my keys and wallet in there. It just depends on the day and the situation. Also, pictured above, it looks like so much! Luckily, it condenses quite nicely. A lot of the stuff goes into Chloe’s makeup bag and her snacks are all bagged together too. The clothes roll up nicely and fall snuggly into a corner of the bag. What I’m saying is that it all fits comfortably, even with my things, in my Longchamp Le Pilage tote!

There you have it folks! All the things that Chloe and I both deem necessary to travel along places with us. It’s much less than when she was a bitty baby that’s for sure.

I’m always fascinated with what’s in other people’s bags. So now the important question…what are the top three things you can’t live without in your bag? Is it all for you or for your kiddos?
Top three for me are snacks, diapers and chapstick! Snacks for both, diapers for Chloe and chapstick for me!

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