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Chloe Grace: One Month Old
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Chloe Grace: One Month Old

Happy Monday y’all! I’m a few days late, but today I’m celebrating Chloe’s one month birthday! It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a month since I finally got to meet my little angel. She officially became a month old on Saturday while we were in College Station! It was a weekend of firsts for Miss Chloe.

First road trip out of the Houston area {Which means her first trip to Buc-ee’s!}

Thanks to Timehop, I got this gem! We love Buc-ee’s and I insist on stopping for every road trip!

First visit at Grandma & Grandpa Gougler’s house

Grandma and grandpa were prepped and ready for us! They made sure that we had all of the necessities for Chloe Grace! They even got one of her favorite pillows {seen above}. The upstairs is all set up for our little family. We have beds, a couch, a microwave and a fridge stocked with drinks just for us! We also have a pack ‘n play fully equipped with a diaper changing station, noise machine and bouncer. We are completely set! We’re so excited to be heading up there for football in less than two weeks! We couldn’t be more grateful for all the love and effort Jody and Phil have put into making everything perfect for us!

First visit to Texas A&M University

We had to show her some important places like Kyle Field & the MSC…

…and the Century Tree where Mom & Dad took some engagement pictures!

And we couldn’t leave without a quick stop by the Fermier building where both Mom & Dad spent many hours in school! We were both Industrial Distribution majors {diet engineering/engineering for people persons!} and her Grandpa was an Engineering Technology major!

First time to meet her Great-Mimi & Papa

It was such a blessing to have four generations of Gouglers in the house this weekend! Mimi and Papa met Chloe for the first time Friday evening and they were able to see her again Sunday before we had to leave. I am so happy that Mimi was able to hold her great-granddaughter for the first time. You could see the love and joy that lit up both of their faces. I’m so lucky to have these two as grandparents since all of mine have passed away. Chloe is even luckier 🙂 

First run with Momma in her jogging stroller

We had been on many walks but no actual runs. Okay, I ran about 100 yards one time to see how it felt. But this time, I really ran. In fact, the weather was nice enough and the distance was short enough that I didn’t even stop to walk! Granted, I’m a bit slower than I used to be, but I’m running with a jogging stroller and I only gave birth a month ago. I know I’ll get back to my usual self in time. Until then, I’ll enjoy not worrying about my pace and take walk breaks when needed.

First trip to Blue Baker {My favorite sandwich place in the whole world} & David Gardeners {The jewelry store we buy all of our expensive, shiny things from!}

I dream about Blue Baker. Their sandwiches are amazing, the cookies are delicious and the bread…oh the bread…I love bread. We’ll leave it at that. JP was out and about doing Fantasy Football stuff with his buddies, so Jody, Phil, Chloe and I went to lunch followed by a pit stop at David Gardeners to pick out my push present/birthday present! I wanted a David Yurman bracelet with Chloe’s birthstone on the ends. Unfortunately, the bracelet size I wanted doesn’t come with Rubies and the Garnet is hard to find. However, we came to an even better conclusion. I should get pink stones for baby girl! The ends of the bracelet are tourmaline gems and it’s perfect because I also have one on the side of my engagement ring!

First evening without Momma

I’m bummed because I didn’t get a picture for this one! Saturday night, I went to a dinner with Phil! It was kind of like a father/daughter date and it was my first evening away from Chloe. Phil had a scholarship dinner with several of the students receiving scholarships from the class of ’80 as well as some of the class representatives {Phil is a class rep}. We got dressed up and went to a nice Italian restaurant called Luigi’s! It was a great evening with good conversation and delicious food. Chloe did great back at home with Dad and Grandma. She took her bottle like a champ and wasn’t even hungry when I got home which meant pumping was mandatory before bed 🙂 It was so worth it because I had such a wonderful night and it’s always special to get to spend some extra time with my father-in-law!

Like I said, a weekend of firsts! It was such a fun adventure and now my baby girl is hitting milestone after milestone! It’s hard to believe she’s a month old, but I also forgot how life was without her.

The last 31 days were the most challenging, sleep deprived adventure and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m excited to see the changes, challenges and developments this next month brings us! Most of all, I’m excited to spend each and every day with my Chloe Grace.

My darling Chloe Grace,

Words cannot completely express the love I have for you. Everyone told me that you cannot understand a mother’s love until you become a mom. They were right. I didn’t know that my heart was big enough to love this much. You have become my everything and life before you is a distant memory.

Your daddy and I have enjoyed this first month with you more than we could even imagine! You are a light in our lives and have completed our family. Your puppies adore you. Maggie can’t get enough of you and checks on you every time you cry. Then she covers you in kisses to make sure you’re okay. Moose is starting to become more interested in you, but he’s not always sure what to think.

Even though sleeping at night isn’t always your favorite thing to do, I don’t mind. If there was anyone I wanted to snuggle at 2am and again at 4am, it is you. I cherish our time together in the middle of the night, breastfeeding and when you’re in your Moby wrap. I know that you won’t always want or need me this much, so I want to soak up every moment.

I love you more than you will ever know Chloe Grace and every day I thank God for making me your Momma. I can’t wait to see what each new day brings us!

I love you forever,
Your Momma

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