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Chloe Grace: 4 Months Old
Chloe Grace

Chloe Grace: 4 Months Old

It’s official, this little girl is 4 months old and I can hardly believe it! Life with her is such a blast and we are enjoying every moment of her growth and development. We have a very smiley, chatty baby on our hands! She has definitely found her voice which is giving her as much character as her ever changing facial expressions!

This month Chloe has mastered grasping and bringing everything she grabs straight to her mouth. She can also sit up while leaning forward in a tripod pose! Speaking of sitting up, I put together her Exersaucer this month! I did this during Chloe’s nap time and it was a lot more work then I expected. There were tons of tiny parts and springs, but just call me the handy mom because I did it right with no help.

She’s still trying to figure it all out in this picture! There are so many activities on it and it even speaks to her in different languages. I’m going to have a bilingual baby on my hands…okay maybe not, but it’ll at least stimulate her brain. We received this as a gift from two of my amazing clients, and so far we love it! It even converts to a play station table for when she can stand!

While we’re talking about all the things Chloe has done in the last month, let’s talk about her firsts! Chloe had quite a few firsts this month…

  • First Halloween
  • First trip to the pumpkin patch
  • First time in a hotel room
  • First time out of the state {She went to Louisiana and Tennessee!}
  • First time to sit up in tripod pose without falling over
  • First time in her Exersaucer
  • First Thanksgiving

My darling Chloe Grace,

You continue to grow big and oh so strong! You really are a strong baby. You’re clearly learning something when mommy takes you to the gym on Tuesdays. Crunches, squats and leg lifts are your current favorite exercises. Gotta work on those abs and legs so you can sit and stand when you get bigger! I personally think the chunk on your thighs and belly look perfect just the way they are. You remember that girl!
This past month was crazy, busy with holidays, football weekends and road trips, but you continue to surprise me with how good you are! You have a sweet, mild demeanor and are the happiest baby of all! Even when you were couped up in a car all day driving back home from Nashville you barely cried!

Your development is right on track! You’re in the 45% for height and weight and your little noggin is in the 60th percentile. That means you have lots of brains growing in that head of yours, my smart girl. You can still fit into your 3 month onesies and most of your 3 month sleepers. It seems each week I find a few sleepers that are just too short now though. All of your holiday clothes we bought in 6 months, so they’re nice, big and comfy. You’re sleeping through the night with only one wake up for a quick feed. The last few nights have been a little worse and I think we’re hitting the 4 month sleep regressions. You have a tired momma, but I know we’ll get through it!

I still sit and stare at you in awe that I am a momma and you are my baby. It’s a big weight that sinks in more and more every day. I’m beyond blessed that God chose ME to be your momma. Some days are harder than others. But every day you bring me more joy and happiness than the day before. I can’t believe how lucky I am! Thank you for being YOU Chloe Grace. I can’t wait to see how you grow physically and emotionally. I’m excited to walk right beside you every day of your life!
I love you forever,

A for fun, here’s a quick look at Chloe’s first four monthly pictures! It’s crazy to see how much she’s grown and changed in such a short period of time.

As you can see, she really loves that tongue of hers!

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