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Chloe Grace: 3 Months Old
Chloe Grace

Chloe Grace: 3 Months Old

Here we are and another month has come and gone. Time will you please slow down? I need to soak up every moment with my little baby. Even though time is flying, every month with this little angel gets better and better!

Chloe is reaching an age that is so fun! She’s much more vocal about everything: both happy and angry. She tells us when we’re funny and when she’s hungry. If she’s hungry, those demands turn into screams followed by cries very quickly. What can she say? She gets the hangries just like her mama.  Luckily, she’s usually a very laid back, happy baby. Aside from being hungry, most of her conversations are very animated and happy. We haven’t quite cracked her first laugh, but we’ve gotten a few giggles and a squeal or two. She scared herself the first time she squealed and cried a bit after. Of course, we couldn’t help but laugh which quickly changed her demeanor back to happy go lucky.

Not only is she chatty but she is quite the wiggle worm or ChloWorm like we named her in the hospital. As you can see, it’s hard to get a picture of her laying still if she’s in a moving mood. She recently started throwing her feet in the air, staring at them and kind of reaching for them. We haven’t mastered reaching, grabbing or any sort of hand-eye coordination, but she’s well on her way! I’m okay with her staying in the stage she’s in for now. I love watching her move around and try to figure things out. I can see her think brain working pretty hard in that cute little head of hers.

Besides her feet, her hands and her tongue are some of her other favorite things. She loves sticking her tongue out and chewing on it. But what she loves even more is her thumb! Houston, we have a thumb sucker. She found her thumb a few weeks ago and uses it to self soothe. She mostly sucks on it at night when she’s really tired, but she also goes for it during the day if she’s getting pretty hungry. I’m hoping it stays like this and she doesn’t become too obsessed with it. For now, I’m not worried about her adorable little habit.

On top of discovering her favorite body parts, she has also started drooling and spitting like crazy. We’ve finally busted out the bibs to keep her from soaking her clothes around her neck! She loves to blow bubbles and spit them out. Yum!

Chloe had even more firsts this month…
  • First trip to the zoo!
  • First Harry Potter Party
  • First Aggie tailgate at Spence Park
  • First wedding activity for Auntie Em {We went to see her wedding dress!}
  • First time to actually suck her thumb
  • First squeal of excitement

My Darling Chloe Grace,

You are growing so big and developing quite the personality! I’m pretty sure that every day you smile a little bigger, wiggle a little more and light up our lives more than you could imagine. You’re daddy and I are loving watching you grow and develop.

You love to shove your hand in your mouth and suckle around until you eventually find your thumb. That’s actually how you fall asleep these days. You also can’t get enough of your tongue! You’re constantly chewing on it, sticking it out and wiggling it around. You smile with your tongue out. Ooooh with your tongue out. And even use that tongue to blow and spit out bubbles which has made you quite the drooler lately.

You’re doing a great job sleeping through the night! Sometimes, you don’t even wake up to eat until Mommy’s alarm goes off at 4:30 or 5:00am! I get so proud on those mornings that I brag about you all day at work. I’m hoping that soon those mornings turn into an every morning kind of deal. I know that you’ll take your sweet time and get there when you’re ready which is just fine with me. Don’t grow up too fast little girl. You’re going to be my baby forever.

Sometimes I stare at you in awe and just thank God that he made me your mommy. How did I get so lucky? Everything you do makes me a proud momma! Every coo is music to my ears. Every cry pulls at my heartstrings. Every smile melts my heart. Every wiggle fills me with joy. Keep being you baby girl because I love who you’re becoming.

I love you forever,

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