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Trick or Treat?
Chloe Grace

Trick or Treat?

Happy Halloweekend! Anybody have big, fun plans for Halloween? Halloween party? Trick or treat?

We won’t be trick or treating this year since Chloe can’t walk or even sit up on her own for that matter 🙂 Not to mention, any candy she would get would not be eaten by her. The reality is that I would eat some, JP would eat some and then I would send the rest with him to work or throw it away. I can’t have it in my house because I’ll want it! This momma has a terrible sweet tooth, and chocolate is my kryptonite.

Speaking of candy, let’s take a look at the reality of these tasty treats.

Candy vs Fitness: Trick or Treat?

I borrowed this image from a fellow downtown Houston personal trainer and nutrition coach, Fit Mom Katy!

Here are some ways that you can negate those tasty treats that you sneak from your kids Halloween baskets or from the candy you’re handing out at your door! It may seem like a lot because it is!

Candy is full of empty calories that don’t do much for our bodies except give us a sugar pick me up followed by a candy crash. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying don’t eat it or that I never do! This blog is called Amy’s Balancing Act for a reason! Life is all about balance. Indulge in some tasty treats, but make sure you do so in moderation. Portion control. Americans have a hard time with all the options to jumbo your combo, king size your candy or super size that meal. Have a piece or even two every now and then. I do!

Just remember what you have to do to work it off and maybe, just maybe you’ll be able to limit your candy intake.

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Chloe’s First Pumpkin Patch

Okay enough of the tricks of sugar and candy. Now I’ll share with you my sweet little treat! Yesterday, my mom and I took Chloe to her first pumpkin patch! She was all decked out and ready to go.

We went to the pumpkin patch at a church not far from my parents’ house. They had photo opp locations set up and wagons to haul your pumpkins around in! We knew that all pumpkin proceeds were going to a great cause, so we didn’t mind spending a little extra on Chloe’s first pumpkin!

Of course we got TONS of pictures. Chloe needed a nap, but wouldn’t go to sleep before we left the house, so we just took her. You can tell she’s a little tired in some pictures. Personally, I think they’re hilarious and I love her “you’ve got to be kidding me” or “I’m over this” face. Now let the photo shoot begin.

We got some smiles in this one!
What is this thing you put on me momma?
And now a bigger one?

I couldn’t resist adding one of her crying. I love her cry face; it’s too cute. Plus her pouty attitude is what led to the beautiful, candid shots that my mom got next!

Chloe’s “are we done yet?” face. 

Don’t forget Nonna!

We had to get some of Nonna and Chloe too! I love that Chloe is going to grow up with such great and close relationships with her grandparents. This is something I never had since mine all passed away when I was so young. Not to mention, the grandparents that I did know for a short while lived very far away and were already quite old by the time I was born. I love seeing Chloe interact with my mom and Jody, it’s just so special.

That last one is my favorite of them! I’m glad we were able to go to the pumpkin patch with my momma! We’re heading to College Station for the weekend to watch the Aggies and spend Halloween with JP’s family! There will be Aggie game watching, pumpkin carving, and of course, Chloe will be in her first Halloween costume! What do you think she’ll be?!

Happy Halloween y’all! Enjoy yourself, be safe and remember to eat that candy in moderation! 🙂

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