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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…
Chloe Grace

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

…who’s the fairest baby of them all? Chloe Grace! Okay, I’m biased. But she’s pretty darn cute and even cuter all decked out for her first Halloween! Let’s take a look at Chloe’s adorable Hallo-wardrobe.
Friday she wore her Boo-tifiul outfit!
I couldn’t resist posting her screaming picture. It’s funny how quickly she goes from happy to mad, and all she wanted was to be picked up. Don’t worry, after I snapped the pictures this little booger was scooped up into my arms!

I forgot to put her Halloween bow on in the pictures I took in her room, but she looks adorable with or without it. Speaking of bows, my mom and I made this one. We’re looking to start selling them…anyone interested or know a momma that loves bows?! We make several types and can do custom!

Saturday my Chloe Grace transformed into Snow White! I snapped some pictures in her room before Halloween to make sure I got a few good ones.

Saturday morning we had breakfast with friends before the Aggie football game! Chick-fil-a chicken minis, mimosas, washers and friends are the best ways to start a football Saturday. You know what makes it even better? Snow White dressed up as an Aggie fan! Snow White loves her Fightin’ Texas Aggies!

Lucas dressed up at the Black Power Ranger and wore his costume to the game! It was awesome and I had to get a picture of them together. JP and I didn’t go to the game, we opted to stay at his parents’ house and hang out with Chloe Grace…I mean Snow White. It was a gloomy, rainy day, so we were happy to have a roof over our heads.

After the Aggies defeated South Carolina, everyone headed back to the Gouglers for food and more football watching! Of course, we had to get a picture of Snow White and her Seven Aggies!

We needed a picture with Auntie Kate, and with her Prince Charming!

We can never get enough pictures of our sweet girl! Eventually Snow White had to go and we had our Chloe Grace back and in her Halloween jams. Being Snow White for the day completely wiped her out.

But she was able to wake up to see Aunt Kate in her sumo costume and had just enough energy to take a quick picture before sacking out for the night with momma.

On Sunday, Chloe wore a pumpkin! Do you remember our trip to the pumpkin patch last Thursday? Well here is the pumpkin Chloe chose. She didn’t have the energy for a photo shoot on Thursday, so we saved it for November first because pumpkins = fall.

I can’t get enough of this baby girl! She had a wonderful first Halloween and I love getting to go through this new chapter in life with my baby girl and little bestie!

What did you do this Halloween?
Any awesome costumes out there? We want to see!

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