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November Goals!

November Goals!

Hello November! Not only is it November, but we’re 4 days in. The days are long, but the years are short. It’s never sounded more true! The hard days feel like they’ll never end, but how are we already in the 11th month of this year?!

Last month I started to refocus on writing out my goals to have a more concrete foundation on achieving them. Let’s revisit October Goals and see how I did!

1. Lose 2 more baby pounds! Nailed it! I’m 10 pounds away from my goal weight which is a few pounds less then my pre-pregnancy weight.

2. Go back to work! Crushed it! I started back on October 5th. It was amazing and hard all at the same time. I’m completely exhausted some days, but I do love my clients and my classes. It also makes going home to baby girl that much better.

3. Run at least 3 days a week. I did a pretty good job here, but one week I only got one run it! I blame it on the rainy weather.

4. Start doing more yoga. Fail. I foam rolled twice and have been stretching more then I was, but I’m not doing a very good job here. Time to try again.

5. Run my first post baby race! Nope. Not my fault though, this goes back to the rainy weather! I was supposed to run a 10K, but it was flooded out. Yes, not rained out, flooded out. So not my fault. I have run up to 7 miles though!

6. Save some money and don’t buy all the things. I did pretty good here. I bought reasonable things that we needed. Some things that I wanted, but didn’t need, I bought and set aside for Christmas.

7. Read 2 books. Spot on! I started a 3rd one, but it will count for November.

Onto goals for this month!

Fun Fact: I took this picture on the Montour Trail back when we lived in Pittsburgh in 2011!

1. Lose 2 more pounds of baby weight! Setting this goal worked last month, so I figured why not do it again. Slow and steady y’all.

2. Get the online business up and running for the company my mom and I started. My mom and I create and sell adorable bows for baby girls! We have the inventory all ready to go, so now I need to take photos and get our little online shop set up. Has anyone done this before? I’d love any helpful tips and suggestions to help get us going!

3. Continue to run at least 3 days a week. I almost was able to do this for October except for one week. I’d like to keep it up since I have two half marathons coming up in January. Less than 10 weeks until my Disney half!

4. Do yoga once a week and stretch every day! I failed miserably on this goal, so I decided to make it more defined and tangible. One yoga class whether it be at the gym or online at my home while Chloe is asleep. I’m going to define one class as a minimum of 30 minutes!

5. Run the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot. We’ll be in Sugar Land for Thanksgiving this year and their Turkey Trot is a 5 mile run. Since my first post baby race was cancelled last month, I thought this would be a fun one. Plus my dad will bring Chloe out to cheer us on!

6. Do some reorganization and gather items for donation! I started going through my closet, so I need to finish and gather as much as I can for donations. I constantly go through and see things that I don’t wear. I want to buckle down and actually get rid of the items I say I’ll wear and then don’t! I’d also like to do the same for items we have stored in closets and the attic.

7. Read two more books. I love to read and haven’t done enough of it this year. I read two last month and would like to continue the trend.

I’m going to stick with 7 goals since it seemed to work well last month. I love goal setting because it helps me accomplish the things that I may skip over or try to get out of without it. So here’s to a new month and new goals. Now join me!

What are you goals for November?

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