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Totally Tubular Puma Inspired Halloween Workout
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Totally Tubular Puma Inspired Halloween Workout

The following post is sponsored by Fitfluential LLC on behalf of Puma.

As a fitness professional, I have the privilege and pleasure of wearing workout clothes all day, every day. I mean, my New Year’s Resolution was to wear more spandex. It’s safe to say, I’ve been successful. Since I’m teaching classes and training clients, I generally have to change at least once a day. This means I need a ton of workout clothes and I’m kind of picky because I want to be comfortable being on my feet all day!

I was really excited when Puma teamed up with Fitfluential and provided me with a top, bottoms and shoes! Below I’m wearing the Tech Performance Long Tank and the Tech Performance Slim 3/4 Pants.


The tank is great! It’s long so it covers your rear while working out. It’s lose so you have freedom of movement and you don’t have to keep tugging at it! The one thing about it is that the arm hole area is a bit large and slightly awkward. Not a big deal though, just throw on a cute sports bra underneath and you’re good to go!

The pants are a moisture wicking material and they fit like a glove. I’m usually very picky about the length of my pants and I don’t really like the ones that come just below the knee. I feel like they ride up over my knee and make my knee pits uncomfortable. Not these.  Seriously y’all! These slim fit pants actually have a slight flare at the bottom, so they are not tight below the knee. This keeps them from both riding up and agitating the back of my knees! I’ve worn these to train people as well at teaching step and cycling.



The shoes are the Puma FormLite XT Ultras. They are super light and flexible. In fact, they’re easily the lightest shoes I own and they feel like socks…with a supporting bottom of course. For such a light show, the cushioning and support is noticable. While some may find these to be great minimalist running shoes, I need some additional support for running because of my high arches and the fact that I run on the outsides of my feet. Even though I don’t run in them, I’ve gotten plenty of use from them! I’ve found the FormLite’s to be great for teaching cycle classes, training my clients and for workouts around the gym. It also helps that they’re really cute. I love the purple and blue colors mine came in, but they also come in black/peach {Halloween colors!} and white/teal/lime green.

Looking good on my spin bike!

So today I have an extra special surprise! A totally tubular Halloween workout! Have you ever used resistance tubing before? Most gyms have tubing available for you to use or you can easily get one for yourself at Wal-mart, Target or any similar store. {Mine’s from Target!} There are different strengths of tubing from light to heavy. This allows you to progress to higher resistances.

Below is an awesome workout using nothing but you and resistance tubing! It’s a full body workout inspired by Puma!


A video of all the moves will be posted later. I’ve been sick the past few days and can’t bring myself in front of a camera just yet 🙁 But I promise it will be posted. Until then, if you have any questions about some of the move, just leave me a comment or send me an e-mail!

Make sure you get a workout in this Halloween! Do you know how many calories are in those tasty Halloween sweets and how much you need to do to burn it off? Be sure to take a look!

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