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Football + Running = ?

Football + Running = ?

As always, another weekend has come and gone and I need another day or two to recover from my weekend. If only weekends and weekdays were reversed. I think I’m onto something there. Lucky for me, I don’t have clients until this evening 🙂

Onto this weekend. It involved two of my favorite things. Football and Running. I even got to see my parents and JP’s parents. Pretty awesome if you ask me!


one. The ladies! Yes, we were all set up and ready to tailgate by 8:00am. Mimosas and chick ‘n minis included!
two. Washers are a tailgating must. JP and I made a good team this weekend
three. Can’t get through a tailgate without a picture with this guy
four & five. Aggies BTHO-ing Vandy!
six. Me, Chandra and Melanie ready to run in the rain!
seven. Even JP ran with us! And even stayed with us for the whole race
eight. Post race mimosas with the fam
nine. More bling to add to my collection! Half marathon #15 in the books (full recap to come later!)

Football was awesome. We beat Vandy and have another win under our belt. It was great seeing our defense by this game since they forgot how to against Auburn. We went back to Houston Saturday right after the game to get prepped and sleep before our race! The sun took it out of us, so an early bedtime was necessary.

Sunday we were up bright and early for the race. As we drove to the parking garage, the Heaven’s opened up and started pouring. The race was postponed, but we still ran. Despite the rain and a potty break, we didn’t do to bad!


Chandra, Melanie, JP and I all ran together which made running in the rain WAY better. Full race recap to come later this week for sure! I can’t believe in four short years, I’ve managed to run so many races. Some are worse than others and some make me question my sanity, but I still love it in the end.

Unfortunately, running in the rain took it out of me. I mean seriously. I ended up with a serious migraine last night and laid in bed started around 3:00pm. It sucked. Today is still rough, but I’ll make it through. Nothing a little coffee, rest, DVR and puppies can’t fix. Or so I hope.

Hope y’all have a wonderful Monday!

Have you run or signed up for any races recently? It’s race season!
Next up for me is probably not until December unless I talk myself into the 20K in November. We shall see!

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