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Chloe Grace: 18 Months Old
Chloe Grace

Chloe Grace: 18 Months Old

It’s been 6 months since Chloe’s last monthly update! I can’t believe that on Sunday she’ll be 18 months old. It’s going to be my baby’s half birthday. More importantly, she’s really not a baby anymore. Of course she’ll always be my baby, but we are in full blown toddler mode.

Speaking of babies, Chloe is obsessed. Many of my close friends have babies or are about to have a baby or two! Luke and Olivia are 2 month old twins that Chloe can’t get enough of. She’s constantly wanting to touch and love on them. We’re working on gentle hands and not trying to touch their faces. For the most part she does great though. Below you can she her doting over Luke. He was sleeping in his carseat before Chloe found him and had to give him love! She also love Renee who is only 10 months younger than her. She does get a bit confused when Renee crawls around and pulls up on things. I can see her thinking, “Why doesn’t she just walk mom?” She loves to pet Renee and say baby! Meanwhile I’m just thinking, you’re a baby little girl!

Not only is she obsessed with human babies, but baby dolls are her FAVORITE. At least one of her babies has to go everywhere with us. If she doesn’t have a baby at the store and then sees one, she thinks that she needs another. I think we’re up to almost 10 baby dolls. She certainly doesn’t need another. At nap and bedtime, Cinderella and Bitty Baby have to go to sleep with her. I’m not kidding. One time, I put her down for a nap with only Cinderella, and she lost her mind. Screaming bloody murder. I thought something was wrong until I realized those screams were actually words…baby…BABY…BABYYYYY! I rushed Bitty Baby up to her and she laid down like it was no big deal. I’m telling you, this girl wears me out.

My little mommy is all about helping us out. She likes to sweep, vacuum, pick up dog poop, paint, you name it. If only all the “work” she was doing actually helped get things done, instead of making it take longer. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather have her “help” me every single day. She like to follow behind me with her broom or mop when I’m sweeping, and her vacuum is one of her favorite toys. If only it actually worked!

She is definitely my mini me. My little shadow watching everything I do. She follows me everywhere and wants to be just like me. I love that about her. It makes me so aware of my actions and words because I know I’m setting an example and she’s learning from me. Lately she’s been super interested in everything I do in the bathroom. One time, she waltz right in, spread my legs and almost stuck her hand in the toilet. She’s done that to my mom too! Now I’m trying to take her in with me and explain to her that mommy goes pee-pee in the potty, so on and so forth. She’s not ready to potty train, but I figured a little early prep couldn’t hurt! I bought her this potty this week and she loves it. Mostly she tries to stand in it, but she’ll figure it out soon enough!

This last month we started gymnastics at The Little Gym! The first few classes Chloe was pretty timid. It was a new environment, new people, new things, so I can see that it was intimidating. She clinged to me for the first 20-30 minutes of the 45 minute class, then opened up at the end. This week she did awesome from the get go! She played all the games, gave her teacher a high five and participated in all the skills. She did such an awesome job on the bar. This girl has great grip strength! I hope she continues to enjoy the class and starts to interact with her classmates as she becomes even more comfortable. I love the class. I love watching her run around and experiment with the equipment. The former cheerleader/gymnast in me loves seeing her do things that once made my world go round!

This is when I usually go over all the firsts from the last month. Not sure if I’ll get them all, but I’ll hit on the highlights of the last few months!

The last few month’s firsts:

It’s hard to believe my baby is truly a toddler. The more I look at her, the less baby I see. I love watching her grow and change, but man I wish time would slow down. I feel like I’m allowed to be excited for things in the future while still wanting her to stay little. This little girl is my greatest joy. I can’t wait to see what the next few months bring. All I know is that it will be wonderful. As long as she’s with us, everything is wonderful. I love you Chloe Grace!

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