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We Bought a Home

We Bought a Home

On December 19, 2016, JP and I closed on our second home. We didn’t just buy a house, we bought a home.

We packed everything up and on December 27th we moved in. Home. The place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household. Home. Where the heart is. Home. The place where something is discovered, founded, developed, or promoted. Home. If there is one global thing we all share, no matter our race, income, religion or beliefs; it is that we all want a place to call home. Home. The meaning of home cannot be expressed in just one sentence for it is different to us all. Home. We’re taking this house and turning it into our forever home. {Unless oil & gas decides to move us.

Tomorrow we will have been living here for 1 month. I realized that other than the first picture of the outside of our home, I haven’t shared anything! Now I don’t have that much to show y’all. We still have boxes strewn about. We still don’t have enough furniture to fill all the rooms. I’m still hanging, decorating and rearranging, but I figured I could show y’all what I have so far! 

Downstairs Guest Bath

Almost all of the decor was from the bathroom in my old house. To complete this bathroom all I needed was a shelf over the toilet. I found this beauty on It’s made from recycled barn wood and I love it. This piece comes and goes on Jane {wait for it if you want a good deal}, but you can find similar looks here and here.  The towels and other decor pieces are all from Target! 

JP’s Office

Across from the downstairs guest bathroom is the office. Since JP works from home 70% of the time, this is his daily headquarters. It’s not complete, but I wanted to show y’all what we have so far.

This map was a Christmas gift from Auntie Annie & Uncle Steve. We have pins to mark places we’ve visited and lived individually as well as pins for the places we’ve been and lived together! Putting the pins in was so much fun because we were able to remember all the amazing trips we’ve been on together. We’re planning to put 4×6 frames all around the map with pictures from all of our adventures!

As you can see, JP was hard at work when I snapped a picture really quick. We hung our diplomas and our Aggie Ring picture by Benjamin Knox over this desk. The desk is a work in progress. I need to beautify it for him!

Living Room

For the most part, our living room is done. I ordered this rug and will share a picture of it as soon as it comes in! My friend told me about Rugs USA and it’s awesome. I got an 8×10 with a rug pad and shipping for $300!

Here are some pictures of the living room. Starting up close and then zooming out.

Yes, Chloe is watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. No she wouldn’t let me turn it off or move her to take these pictures. #toddlerlife

This bookshelf is from Ikea {Billy Bookcase} and used to sit behind our TV stand at the old house. I’ve redone all the shelves with fun knick knacks that we’ve collected over the years. Plates from Pittsburgh. Sangria from Spain. Wine bottles from friends’ home made wine collections. Harry Potter book collection. So on and so forth. I love how it turned out. Since the TV is no longer in front of it, Chloe has reign over the bottom 3 shelves. Her books usually go on the second to bottom shelf, but they’re currently scattered all over the floor.

When JP got his promotion back in September, we bought this couch from Bassett Furniture and I am still obsessed. I’ll probably go to them next time I need a long lasting furniture piece. They were so easy to work with and their products are great quality.

Coffee Bar

Since our kitchen and living room essentially act as one big space, we put our coffee bar in between to kind of merge the two rooms. I love it so much! Plus when we have people stay with us, there will be plenty of room for everyone to have access to their daily dose of caffeine.

The coffee bar itself is from Target. They still have it in stock. Same with the shelf we’ve turned into a mug holder! Artwork is by yours truly at Pinot’s Palette and mugs are from Starbucks around the world!

Kitchen Dining

Just to the right of the coffee bar is our kitchen dining area. We bought this table and chair set from Rooms To Go 5 years ago and it’s still in excellent condition.

My sister helped me start my collage wall with 5 pieces originally. I was able to pick and choose pieces from my old collage wall to reuse and I love how it turned out. I’m working on my hand lettering skills and the “The Gouglers” sign was my first stab at it.


Since my kitchen was kind of a mess, I only have one actual shot for y’all. The second picture is from the house listing with just the staging furniture. It gives you an idea of the overall look though!

Here is the back wall of the kitchen with all my stuff. I didn’t have the best lighting, but this will do for now!

Here is the listing picture of the kitchen. My island currently has stuff all over it. Finding a home for everything is hard! We’re currently on the hunt for the perfect barstools. I want some comfy counter height ones with backs. Then they can just turn around and work as seating for the living room as well!

There you have it! This is probably about half of the down stairs. I don’t have furniture in the formal dining yet and there are boxes all over the space. We’re working on decorating the master bedroom. You can see the door to it in the picture above! Once I get our space decorated, I can show y’all the master suite. Slowly but surely it’s coming along. If you know of any good furniture/decor stores or any great sales that are going on, please let me know! I’m on the hunt!

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