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35 Week Bumpdate: Baby Number 3

35 Week Bumpdate: Baby Number 3

It feels too soon to be able to say that this is my 35 week bumpdate with Baby G3! So often pregnant women are told that their pregnancy has flown by in the eyes of others and they don’t feel the same way. It’s safe to say that I agree with everyone this time. Time is flying and 2020 has been an odd time to be pregnant.

Luckily I’m surrounded by an immense amount of love and support! My friends and family showered me and baby G3 with so much love two weeks ago and hopefully I’ll get it together soon to share! Until then, let’s take a look at my 35 week bumpdate with baby number 3.

This is my 35 week bumpdate with baby number 3! The good, the bad and the ugly because let's be real, not everything in the third trimester of pregnancy is pretty. #bumpdate #babynumber3 #35weekspregnant

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How far along?

35 weeks and 2 days

Size of Baby

35 week bumpdate

At 35 weeks most babies are roughly 18-19 inches long and somewhere between 5 to 5.5lbs. At my 33 week ultrasound to check on baby’s kidneys, I learned that this baby is likely bigger! In fact, at 33 weeks and 3 days, Baby was estimated to be 5lb 14oz already! So that means there is a chance that this baby will be on the big side when we finally get to meet him or her.

My favorite size comparisons at 35 weeks are a George Foreman Grill, a picnic basket or a coconut.

Weight Gain

Somewhere in the 28-31 lb range as my weight is fluctuating much more these days. Yay mild swelling!


  • Sciatic and SI Joint Pain – Luckily the chiropractor is helping with this a lot
  • Exhaustion – This momma is beat. Between the early school wake up calls, chasing around a toddler and just getting everything done in a day is wearing me out.
  • Poor sleep – I’ve officially started the tossing and turning at night due to discomfort, potty breaks and insomnia
  • Discomfort – Baby’s kicks and movements are getting stronger and pretty uncomfortable in there!
  • Hemorrhoids – Real talk. They are horrible and I’ve had them for every pregnancy and postpartum experience. Hemorrhoids during pregnancy can be mild and manageable or they can be excruciatingly painful. In the past, mine have been mild and occasionally painful, but this time they are miserable. Some days are better than others thank goodness.


  • Cereal with or without milk – Chex and Honey Bunches of Oats are my favorites
  • Tacos
  • Greek Salad
  • Ice cream and cookies


It honestly depends on the day and the amount of sleep I’ve gotten. I’m getting excited about birth and meeting this sweet baby! But the exhaustion and feeling like I have so much to do brings me down some days.

I also find that I’m in a much better mood earlier in the day and it kind of worsens as we move into the evening. I get more uncomfortable which leads to an irritable and grumpy Amy. Luckily my sweet husband has been through this twice and is a very patient man. I believe my dad told him the other day, “It’s okay, the old Amy will be back eventually.” Haha, thanks Dad!

35 week bumpdate comparison between 3 babies
35 Week Comparison | Chloe – Brody – G3


An active baby is a healthy baby and this baby is very active. I have no trouble doing kick counts a couple times a day because when this little one is moving, it doesn’t stop for quite a while.

Now his/her movements are getting quite strong and can be pretty uncomfortable at times. Especially when they push up sticking that little bootie right up underneath my rib cage. It burns and aches so much!


Hit or miss. Some nights I sleep like a baby and others I’m tossing and turning all night long with multiple trips to the restroom. I’m still taking my Melatonin regularly and I also take Natural Calm a couple nights a week.


35 week bumpdate - Fitness

Still moving! Thanks to the chiropractor, I’m able to continue my daily walks and doing the elliptical while I’m at the gym.

I’ll admit that in these late days of pregnancy, I’ve cut out the majority of my strength workouts. I still do lots of squats throughout the day and at least one upper body/back workout a week to stay toned and strong.

If you’re pregnant and looking for some prenatal workouts that are safe for all trimesters, be sure to check out my collection! There is something for everyone to maintain your prenatal fitness.

Must Have Products

I’m currently compiling a list of maternity items that I’ve used for all three pregnancies and swear by for all trimesters! Be on the lookout for that soon.

Until then, I still stand by every single item on my Third Trimester Must Haves post! The support band I’m wearing in the photo above is in there.

Labor Signs

Braxton Hicks are here to stay. I have several a day mostly in the evenings or when I’m more active or on my feet for long periods of time!

Best Moments in the Last Few Weeks

Baby number 3 and 35 weeks pregnant. Here's my 35 week bumpdate, the good, the pretty, the bad and the ugly! #pregnancyupdate #thirdtrimester

Celebrating Baby G3 with my amazing friends and family. We were shown so much love which meant so much especially since this is my third baby. I appreciate that the people who love and care about me also believe that every baby should be celebrated because it’s the truth!

I’ll have a full post coming highlighting all the details of our Little Llama themed shower soon!

Looking Forward To

Trick or treating with my babies this weekend!

At this point, I’m honestly just looking forward to meeting this sweet baby. I can count the number of weeks left on just one hand and before we know it, it will be go time!

35 week bumpdate

Blast to the Past

I’m always so thankful that I created these bumpdates while I was pregnant with my first two babies as well. It’s been fun to go back and compare my different journeys to meeting my babies!

If you’re interested, you can check out my 35 week bumpdate with Chloe and Brody!

I’ll be back in a couple weeks with my 37 week bumpdate when I am officially considered early term!

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  1. This took me down memory lane! I managed to get to 34 weeks, and I started to feel the sciatic pain, and sleeplessness like you

  2. You look great!! and I am glad to hear you are getting so much support 🙂

  3. Wow! I still remember the tossing and turning , I could hardly sleep during my 3rd trimester. Great to see your pictures. You are looking fabulous. All the best!

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