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28 Week Bumpdate: Comparing My Three Pregnancies

28 Week Bumpdate: Comparing My Three Pregnancies

Who’s ready for the big third trimester 28 week bumpdate comparison report?!

This bumpdate is going to be a little longer and more detailed than the last few. I’ve brought back all the categories that I used to update on during my first two pregnancies and added the comments from my last two bumpdates. I did a compare and contrast at 28 weeks with Brody, so I knew I had to do it again. It’s fascinating to see just how different and also similar my pregnancies have been.

If you missed it, you can read about how my third pregnancy has been unexpectedly different physically and emotionally!

I'm compare and contrasting all 3 of my pregnancies at the 28 week mark. Take a look at my thoughts, symptoms, nursery and more at this stage of pregnancy! #28weekspregnant #thirdtrimester #pregnantinapandemic

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28 Week Bumpdate: Compare and Contrast

How Far Along? 

28 weeks as of Saturday
Hello 3rd Trimester! 

Size of Baby: 

28 Week bumpdate comparison between 3 pregnancies

Baby is the size of an eggplant, milkshake or rollerblade! Good thing it’s more flexible than a rollerblade.

Baby is weighing roughly 2.2 lbs and is about 15 inches long.

Weight Gain:

Baby G3: Currently about 22lbs

Brody: According to yesterday’s doctor appointment, I’m up 20 lbs.

Chloe: Up 20 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. I definitely made up for the weight I lost when I was sick several weeks ago! I’m still right on track for a 30-35 lbs weight gain which is what I’m aiming for!


Baby G3:

  • Sciatic pain – primarily in the evenings, but also earlier in the day when I’m super active
  • Abdominal discomfort – my belly is super tight in the evenings when I have a very busy or active day
  • Braxton Hicks
  • Gas
  • Waking up too early – I want to sleep in, but several mornings a week I’m up in the 4 or 5 o’clock hour and can’t sleep

Brody: All of the back pain that comes in the late afternoon and stays the rest of the day, hemorrhoids and HUNGER! I’m so much hungrier than I was with Chloe!

Chloe: Occasional nausea in the morning, lots of gas (sorry JP!), rib pain, mid-back aches, hunger and anemia. 


Baby G3: oatmeal, rice cakes, bananas – regular and frozen chocolate covered!, cereal, chicken salad, pickles

Brody: This week’s favorites include: tacos and everything crunchy like tortilla chips, pita chips, pretzels, cereal, crunchy peanut butter toast and WATERMELON.

Chloe: Cold fruit, cinnamon, rice cakes, bread, carbs  


Baby G3: The past few weeks I’ve actually been doing pretty good. I think some of my anxiety has subsided which is partially hormonal drive and partially situational. Chloe’s online schooling has gone much better than planned and life has been going smoothly. I still have my moments especially in the evenings when I’m tired and my body hurts!

Brody: To be honest, I’ve had some pretty bad hormonal anger lately. I get flustered and frustrated easily which frustrates me more. It’s not always easy to control these pregnancy hormones especially with an almost three year old constantly pushing my buttons.

Chloe: Mostly happy and a little crabby and irritable some days!


Baby G3: We have a few things, but not even close to being done. It’s a llama themed nursery with mint, gray and cream. I plan to add a pop of navy if it’s a boy or coral if it’s a girl!

Brody: We have furniture! Chloe’s old furniture was moved in there when she got her big girl bed. We also got a teal cabinet from JP’s grandparents. I’m waiting until my baby shower to finish putting it together and seeing what else I need, so I promise to share more next month.

Check out Brody’s Dinosaur Nursery Reveal!

Chloe: Slowly but surely coming along. I’ve cleaned out her room and moved or gotten rid of everything we’ve been storing in there. I’ve rearranged the furniture that is staying, and I’m giving the desk and dresser to my brother for his new apartment. We have her crib, some bedding, some room decor and paint samples! My mother in law, Jody, is coming to help us paint the room later this month! By the end of May, I think I’ll feel like it’s getting there. After the baby showers in June, I know it’ll be ready!

You can see Chloe’s final Nursery photos too!


Baby G3: Just like the two that came before, this baby is busy and on the move. My placenta is anterior, so for the first time, movements are much more muted. I can still feel them, but they’re less intense than my previous two pregnancies.

Brody: This kid is always on the move. Some days it’s hard for me to tell what position he’s lying in because he seems to poke, prod and jab at me from all angles! He also occasionally seems to do a flip or turn in there that makes me so nauseous. I love feeling him all the time though. It was the one thing that I truly missed about pregnancy after giving birth to Chloe.

Chloe: She is a mover! I have a little ninja gymnast in my belly. I love feeling her move and groove inside me. I really love watching my belly go crazy when she’s in a hyper mood. She’s most active early in the morning, after I get home from work and again in the evening after dinner! 


Baby G3: It depends on the night. Some nights I sleep really hard and others I’m up multiple times between baby kicks and potty breaks. I’m up every morning between 6-7am whether I want to or not!

Brody: I’m exhausted! Exhaustion kind of hit me again this past week. I’m in bed and out like a light by 9:00pm. I wake up a couple of times for potty breaks, but I haven’t had trouble going back to sleep. I wake up between 6-7am ready to go though. Crossing my fingers it stays this way for a while!

Chloe: While traveling, I wasn’t always sleeping the greatest since I wasn’t in my own bed. I was tired enough most nights to get a good night’s sleep though. At least I didn’t have to wake up early most days! Since being home and having my bed and my Snoogle again, I’m sleeping better.


28 week bump comparison

I am all about walking right now. I throw in some running intervals on days that aren’t quite so hot. That being said, I’m looking forward to the cool front that’s supposed to blow through this week!

I’m also still getting 2-3 strength workouts in a week. I try to do one total body with cardio and one that targets obliques, hips and glutes to get my body ready for delivering a baby.

Find more prenatal workouts and why fitness is important during pregnancy!

What I Miss: 

Baby G3: Wine. I miss it much more than I did with my other pregnancies. I blame having two young children and COVID.

Baby Boy: Not having back pain and laying on my stomach

Chloe: An occasional glass of wine, sushi and being comfortable at the end of a long, crazy day. 

Belly Button in or out?

Baby G3: HA this one has been an outtie since about 15 weeks. My anterior placenta started putting pressure on it from the beginning. Between that and it being my 3rd pregnancy, it was bound to happen.

Brody: Houston, we officially have an outtie!

Chloe: Half in and half out. The top has popped and the bottom is in. I can’t tell if it will completely pop out or if it will end up stretching flat. 

Labor Signs: 

Baby G3: Braxton Hicks almost every evening. Other a few here and there, and they’re more intense on busy days as usual!

Brody: Just a few Braxton Hicks contractions each day. I get them when I’m more active these days.

Chloe: No, let’s keep it this way for 11 more weeks!

Anything making you queasy or sick: 

Baby G3: No. I get random waves of nausea. Sometimes in the morning and sometime in the evening. Nothing seems to set it off.

Baby Boy: Nothing in particular, I get some random waves of nausea in the mornings, but there doesn’t seem to be anything that sets it off. 

Chloe: Not that I can really think of! 

Best Moments The Past Weeks: 

Baby G3: Chloe starting kindergarten even though it’s virtual through the end of September. Also, Brody starting preschool in person this week!

Brody: Visiting our best friends at their new home in Chicago! It was so perfect having the whole gang back together in a completely new place. It was my last big trip of this pregnancy which I’m okay with because airplanes are getting pretty uncomfortable.

Chloe: Traveling around the world with my best friend and partner in crime. Celebrating my sister’s engagement, my brother’s graduation and spending time with the Gouglers in College Station! Read all about the last few weeks of travel here if you missed it! 

Looking forward to:

Baby G3: Hopefully passing my 3 hour gestational diabetes test — I took it the day before this was posted. Also football season officially begins tonight!

Brody: A quick trip to College Station tonight, something super exciting that I can’t quite say anything about yet, and a family trip to Schlitterbahn next weekend!

Chloe: Reaching the 30 week mark next week, celebrating my husbands 29th birthday tomorrow, our doctor’s appointment next week (we’ve moved on to every 2 weeks!), and relaxing in Houston all weekend!

That’s a wrap.

It was fun going through and seeing what I wrote and how I felt while pregnant with the other two. There are definitely similarities to both. This seems to be about the point in pregnancy that I start to get more uncomfortable. Baby starts growing rapidly and momma’s body feels it!

Now that I’m officially in the third trimester, everything feels so real. This holiday season is going to be magical with another little one in our arms. Definitely what everyone needs after a year like this!

Moms, how did your pregnancies differ?

I’d love to hear about how each one was different for you too!

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