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37 Week Bumpdate
Chloe Grace Pregnancy

37 Week Bumpdate

I know this blog has pretty much just turned into a place where I talk about Chloe with bumpdates, nursery pictures and baby shower recaps. I promise it won’t be like this always. I’m just trying to remember this time while I can. I won’t be pregnant for much longer and it’s something I really want to document! I’ll be back to my regular fitness, health, recipes, family, travel, usual blogging self before you know it! Let’s just meet this little girl first!

How Far Along? 37 weeks 
Size of Baby: Winter Melon! That means nothing to me except anything that is a melon isn’t very small! She’s anywhere between 19-21 inches and is about the full length she’ll be at birth. My little girl is still working on packing on the pounds and is anywhere between 5.5-8lbs! Based on my fundal measurements, she’s still on the small side. Healthy small of course! But who knows just how accurate those guesses are!
Weight Gain: Up 29 lbs from my pre pregnancy weight as of yesterday’s doctors appointment. Still right on track!
Maternity Clothes: Same, Target and PinkBlush!

Dress: Pink Blush Maternity
Photo Credit: Marci @ Three Peas Photography

Stretch marks: My belly is still stretch mark free. Continuing to lather up with cocoa and shea butter!
Symptoms: Back pain, rib pain, shortness of breath, congestion, slightly swollen ankles (swollen for me at least!) and painful jabs and kicks from Miss Chloe!
Cravings: Ice, peanut/almond butter, toast, Cheerios, grapes, smoothies, snow cones, salads, Sonic peanut butter Oreo shakes. I prefer cold foods except for dinnertime.
Gender: A Little Princess
4th of July with Daddy and Moose photobombing!

Mood: Happy and excited for baby girl to make her grand appearance 🙂
Nursery: Pink, gold and white. I just love it!

Crib, animals, collage wall, glider and can you spy a little princess?

Glider and bedside table reading station

Dresser and changing station on her polka dot wall between the bathroom and closet

Guest bed and Beauty and the Beast
Movement: As I tell my doctor each time, she’s still moving like wild. At our appointment yesterday, my doctor checked to see if I was dilated and felt to see if she was head down. Good news, she’s head down and she felt Chloe’s head! Well this made Chloe go berserk! Her heart rate sky rocketed and she was squirming all around. We couldn’t help but just laugh. On the plus side, it’s a sign of fetal awareness and alertness!
Sleep: I sleep well every few nights because I just get to the point that I’m so exhausted. When I sleep well, I’m out. When I don’t sleep well, I’m in and out of sleep and usually have to go potty more than once. 
Workouts: Walking is my current go to. I walk the track at the gym and I take the dogs out on my days off. I’ve really enjoyed morning walks on the Bayou or at Memorial Park before it gets too hot and humid out!
I’m still teaching 2-3 classes per week at the gym. I participate in the Tabata class on Monday, rest during my Wednesday strength class and participate in my Thursday morning strength/cardio class. I do about 75% of the workout at a 50-75% intensity! It’s definitely getting harder, but I’m trying to sweat just a little bit!

No, I didn’t do this workout with them. I was exhausted. Wednesday’s are rough for me!
But y’all should give it a try! My class loved it.

What I Miss: Feeling comfortable and without back pain!
Belly Button in or out? It’s an outtie!
Wedding rings on or off? Off. They fit, but they’re snug and with my hands swelling a bit from the heat and humidity in Houston, I just don’t like them on my hands.
Labor Signs: No, let’s keep it this way for a few more weeks! I’m 1cm dilated and 60% effaced. Doctor says to expect her arrival anytime between 39-41 weeks (July 24-August 8).

Anything making you queasy or sick: I still don’t really want meat. I’ll have some every now and then, but never a lot. I did have one of my daddy’s ribs on the 4th of July!
Best Moments The Past 2 Weeks: Chloe’s second baby shower, 4th of July with friends and family and officially meeting the term mark. If she comes anytime, she won’t be considered preterm or early! 
Looking forward to: Julie coming to visit next Saturday! Relaxing over the next couple of weeks. We don’t have anything too exciting planned until baby girl makes her arrival. Just enjoying our last few weeks with our family as is!

Time for our every 10 week comparison! I’m loving my 17 week Olaf picture. I can’t believe I was at Disney 20 weeks ago! I’m ready to go back 🙂

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