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39 Week Bumpdate
Chloe Grace Pregnancy

39 Week Bumpdate

Hi! Remember me? I know I’ve been gone, but these last few weeks of pregnancy have really gotten to me! I’m completely exhausted or completely wired. Neither of those are conducive to sitting down at my computer and spilling out my heart on my blog. I’ll be back regularly soon!

So these past few weeks have been interesting. Based on our little scare last night, this could be my very last bumpdate! Read on to find out what happened 🙂

How Far Along? 39 weeks 
Size of Baby: A watermelon. Y’all I have a watermelon inside of me. A little human watermelon. Remember when your dad or grandpa told you not to swallow the watermelon seeds? Well, it looks like I accidentally did! On average babies are 7-8lbs this week. Who knows how big Chloe will be! Any guesses?
Weight Gain: Up 31-33lbs from my pre pregnancy weight. I’ve been holding onto some extra water the past several days and my weight is fluctuating.
Maternity Clothes: Same, Target and PinkBlush! And lots of spandex!

Stretch marks: Still none on my belly. Continuing to lather up with cocoa and shea butter!
Symptoms: Serious back pain…this may have been the cause of our hospital run last night. Being starving or not hungry at all. Rib pain. Exhaustion or influx of energy, hello nesting!
Check out my new work station! This was from Sunday’s nesting session. Now I have a place to work on my blog and workout planning when baby girl arrives. Her swing fits perfect right next to me!

Cravings: Ice, peanut/almond butter, bread, salads, smoothies, fro yo!  All the same things as the last few months.

Gender: A Little Princess
Mood: Ready to not be pregnant and to meet my little girl. I’m trying to soak up and love the last few days of pregnancy, but it’s so hard given how my body feels!
Nursery: Absolutely complete. Pink, gold, girly, ruffly, princessy and perfect in every way.

Crib, animals, collage wall, glider and can you spy a little princess?
Movement: All the time still! At the hospital last night, the nurse even commented on how often she moves! She said it was super healthy and they loved seeing that on the monitor. Way to go, Chloe! You’re a tiny dancer, ninja gymnast, rock star!
Sleep: Multiple potty breaks every single night. I also wake up very thirsty and have to drink water which doesn’t help the multiple potty breaks. Falling asleep either comes very easily or very hard. It’s such a fun and vicious cycle. I’m just getting prepped and ready for the lack of sleep I’ll get when she’s here.
Workouts: All the walking! I’m going to walk this little girl out! Yesterday I got a pedicure and then hit the mall so I could walk around inside with the air conditioning! It was so nice since it’s too hot to walk outside most of the day. {We’re talking heat index in the 100+ range for those of you not in Texas} If I sleep enough and wake up early enough, I’m all about getting to the bayou or trails with my puppies though!

This Wednesday was also my last day of work until I go back in October! I’m going to miss my awesome classes and coworkers until then!

You can’t tell, but I had 17 people in class! 

What I Miss: Relaxing comfortably and walking normally.
Belly Button in or out? It’s an outtie!
Wedding rings on or off? Off. 
Labor Signs: Yes! So here is where I tell you about what happened yesterday. Around 1pm I started having really, really bad back pain. It sucked. I was out and about so I tried just walking around and stretching it a bit, but nothing helped so I went home to relax. I tried sitting on my stability ball, laying on my ball, yoga stretches and a heating pad with no relief. I finally told my mom around 6pm and she told me to get in the bath and call the doctor if it still persisted. Emily came home and rubbed my back to see what she thought was wrong. She said that my muscles were incredibly tight and that it was as though my back was permanently clenching like you would make a fist.

I got out of the tub with slight relief from the work Emily did on it. We all sat down and ate dinner then all the pain came back again. It was a constant hurt with occasional periods where it hurt worse. I ended up calling the doctor and she wanted me to go in and get checked to see what was going on. Naturally, we had to get a picture just in case it was my last bump pic!

We all got together and very calmly drove to the hospital. I had a feeling we would be going back home, but I know I didn’t want to! My mom primarily had back labor when she had me, so it was better to be safe than sorry. Once we were there I peed in a cup, they hooked me up to the monitors and asked me lots of questions. We tracked Chloe’s heart rate and my contractions. I was having contractions, but they weren’t regular or terribly painful. I could still talk through them, but they did make me need to take a deep breath because it was hurting my back as well.

After they monitored me for about 30-40 minutes, they decided to give me a muscle relaxant and a long list of reasons for me to call the doctor should they arise. The good thing is that I have an appointment today in just a few hours, so my doctor knew that she’d be able to talk to me and see me herself.

Moral of the story: If you’re pregnant and something is off, call your doctor. It can’t hurt to go in and it’s kind of a fun and less stressful trial run! Emily, JP and I were able to figure out how all the monitors worked and how to read the stats. Yes, we’re nerds and we thought it was super fun!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope, I’m a very hungry girl.
Best Moments The Past 2 Weeks: All the love I got from the gym on my last day of work!
Looking forward to: Chloe’s birthday! Come on baby girl…the sooner the better because you are full term now!

Time for our every 10 week comparison! I started with my chalkboard at 9 weeks, so we have four pictures this time!

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