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Showering Chloe Grace!
Chloe Grace Pregnancy

Showering Chloe Grace!

This past Saturday, JP’s mom, sister and aunt hosted a shower for little Miss Chloe Grace! It was so wonderful to spend a little more time celebrating this little girl and visiting with family and friends.

Everything about the shower was perfect. Auntie Annie’s super swanky Montrose town home was an intimate setting for the close group of people that attended. The cake was made my Acadian Bakery in Houston (The fresh strawberry cake, oh my yum! So light and fluffy!) and the flower arrangements were done by my seester-in-law Kate! She used her stellar high school floral design skill to create amazing arrangements. But seriously y’all. Do you see how pretty those flowers are?!

While I was opening presents, Kate was capturing the moments from the other couch. Let’s just say that there were lots to choose from and it’s safe to say that I am a woman of many facial expressions. Well I’m passionate and everyone just knew what to get for Chloe because I clearly loved it all!

We have more adorable clothes, shoes and accessories (this girl will never go without a bow) for every occasion. The Disney, Aggie and football ones take the cake. We also got her bouncer, a Baby Bullet, my diaper bad, toys, books (dinosaur books to be more specific), a Baby Bjorn carrier and important bits and pieces to get us through day to day life with a baby!

And most importantly, we got our stroller and car seat travel system! Along with a ton of other goodies from JP’s parents, grandparents and sister!

As you can see, I loved the card as well…

“It has cat elbows!” – Kate

After presents and cake, of course we had to have a photo shoot!

Me and JP’s grandmother, Pepi

My seester-in-love Kate
Mom (Donna) – Kate – Amy – Mom (Jody)

I actually got Auntie Annie to take a picture with me!

I love these girls! Maggie – Kate – Amy – Ashely – Alison
My best girls…A^3

Our signature “We love Chloe” pose.

Maggie – Amy – SaraLee

Me and my Miss Robin!

My Aunt Dianne – Me – My Momma

Me and Aunt Bonnie!

Thank you to everyone who has shown Chloe, JP and I so much love and support. We couldn’t get through this crazy milestone in our lives without each and every one of you. Whether it is in forms of words of advice and encouragement, offers to help when she arrives or showering her with love, we cannot thank you enough. Only one more month until she is due to join us and we’re getting more and more excited each and every day. I know that our lives are about to change forever in the best way possible. Now it’s time to enjoy the last few weeks as a family of 4 (we couldn’t forget our fur babies, Maggie and Moose!) before we meet our baby girl!

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