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35 Week Bumpdate
Chloe Grace Pregnancy

35 Week Bumpdate

I’m not sure how it happened, but 35 weeks have come and gone, and we’re rapidly approaching Chloe’s due date! I feel like 35 weeks is some sort of milestone to celebrate! Only two more weeks until she is full term and hopefully about five weeks until I get to see her sweet face!

I received my maternity pictures from my wonderful photographer, Marci from Three Peas Photography. All the pictures in this post (besides the weekly bump pics) were taken by her!

How Far Along? 35 weeks 
Size of Baby: Canary Melon (what?) or a Coconut! At this point, she’s probably close to or has reached the full length she’ll be at birth (on average 19-21 inches). She could weight between 4.2 and 5.5 lbs. My doctor told me that it’s likely that I’ll have a small baby. Not unhealthy small, just petite! I think I’m okay with that as long as she’s healthy and mine 🙂 Of course she still has several weeks to get bigger!
Weight Gain: I was up 26 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight at my appointment on Monday, so somewhere around 26-27 lbs gained.
Maternity Clothes: Same, Target and PinkBlush!

Stretch marks: My belly is still stretch mark free. Continuing to lather up with cocoa and shea butter!
Symptoms: Mid-low back pain (especially in the evenings), HUNGER (but then not being able to eat much because I have no room in my stomach), exhaustion, clumsiness (tripping on everything, running into walls/corners, not remembering how big my belly is)
Cravings: Ice, peanut/almond butter, toast, grapes, smoothies, no new changes. Peanut/almond butter is still a food group. And it’s my favorite one.
Gender: A Little Princess
Mood: Ready for baby girl to arrive 🙂
Nursery: Post coming next week! It’s pretty, pink and princess-y!
Movement: Still my tiny ninja dancer! I have a feeling this little girl will come out movin’ and groovin’! I’m carrying her very high so a lot of her movements are up near my rib cage, especially in the evening. As the day goes on, her movements get more uncomfortable. Despite the aches she gives me when she’s trying to escape her tiny home, every movement makes me love her more and more. If only she would stop stretching out so much when I’m trying to wind down and go to sleep!
Sleep: I sleep well every other night. I think I’m so exhausted after sleeping terribly the night before that I zonk out. Still just waking up with cramps and for potty breaks. I just have trouble falling back asleep once I wake up!
Workouts: Starting to slow down. Most of my workouts involve walking these days. I try to walk for 30 minutes every day, sometimes broken up into two 15 minute sessions. I love having an indoor track to walk around at work! I’m also trying to workout with my classes 1-2 times doing 50-75% of what I tell them to do!
What I Miss: Feeling comfortable and without back pain!
Belly Button in or out? It’s an outtie!
Wedding rings on or off? On. I don’t wear them to work anymore because they get a little snug when I workout or if I’m hot.
Labor Signs: No, let’s keep it this way for a few more weeks! Any time after 38 weeks is fine with me Chloe!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Still meat. I do eat some, but never by itself.
Best Moments The Past 2 Weeks: Road tripping to the mountains for Caitlin & John’s wedding in NC/GA! The car trip was long, but the time spent in the mountains was so perfect.
Looking forward to: Chloe’s second baby shower tomorrow!!! We’re having a family shower at Auntie Annie’s house and I can’t wait 🙂

Time for our every 10 week comparison! My tiny dancer is growing big and strong. It’s funny because it’s sometimes hard for me to remember what my body was like before I had this bump! I was so tiny, but of course then I didn’t think I was!

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