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GNO: Pampered Perfection

GNO: Pampered Perfection

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to meet up with a bunch of other Houston area bloggers for a fun week day Girls Night Out! Seeing as though I’m pretty pregnant and work is exhausting, a fun, relaxing night is just what I needed. Not to mention I hadn’t seen my Houston blogger friends in months! They hadn’t seen my giant belly that’s for sure.

**Before I tell you all about how awesome my GNO was, I wanted to note that all photographs were taken by Nicki Evans. Check out her amazing work and follow along on social media: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter**

Our girls night out was in Katy at The Wellness Center and Well Polished Salon. We were given a card with information about the night including what tasty treats were available and where different treatments were held. We also received a “relaxation passport” to write down the times of all of our mini sessions throughout the evening. At the end of the night, we were able to put our card into a drawing for prizes!


Printing done by Agave Brothers
So here’s how it all worked out…when we arrived, we were able to sign up for 15 minute time slots for various different treatments (I’ll tell you all about those later!). As the night went on we went to our treatment sessions as planned and in between we were able to meet new people, catch up with old friends, snack on delicious goodies and just relax!
The food provided was delicious and so well presented!

They had mini strawberry salad cups, shrimp ceviche, fruit, cheese, crackers, Nothing Bunt Cake mini cakes, fruit infused water and wine! I definitely wish I could have partaken in the wine, but my time will come. I’m pretty sure the Nothing Bundt Cakes surpassed wine on my current craving list. This pregnant lady was excited about cake! Mmmmm sweets…


The Wellness Centre and Well Polished had tons of options available for out mini sessions. Here are the ones that I took advantage of:

  • Neck and shoulder treatment
  • Hot stone foot treatment
  • Chair massage
  • Hand treatment
  • Acupuncture demonstration
You also had the opportunity to try out:
  • Eye or Lip Treatment
  • Skin consultation
  • Chiropractic adjustment

I would say that anything that involved rubbing my back, feet, neck and shoulders were my favorite by far! The massage therapists at The Wellness Centre were amazing. They all worked with me to make sure that the right pressure was being applied, prenatal rules were being followed and modified anything necessary to make sure I was comfortable. We definitely had to adjust the chair to account for my protruding belly! And it was oh so worth it!


I also really enjoyed the acupuncture demonstration. I was really intrigued to learn about acupuncture and the science/theory behind it. Some of the ladies opted to try out some needles, but I decided to stick with some of the small pressure beads. They are tiny hard beads attached to a bandaid like material that are inserted in specific places in your ear. The different locations effect different systems, muscles and joints in your body. I had one placed for lower/mid back pain and my digestive system. The theory is that you press the bead when feeling pain in that area and it helps to relieve it. They also stay on for up to three days! I’m not certain how well it worked since it was my first time, but I’m really interested in learning more!


Girls Night Out at the spa was pretty wonderful and oh so needed! It was great to catch up with some ladies that I’ve met over the past few years and meet several new faces! Some of which I had read their blogs or seen on our Facebook group! It’s always fun finally putting a face with a name…or a blog in our case!


If you’re in the Houston or more specifically Katy area, you should definitely check out The Wellness Centre (Facebook | Instagram) and Well Polished Salon (Facebook)!

I will definitely be going back that’s for sure! In fact, I was chosen as one of the winners and I’m getting a free Spa Facial! I’m super excited and might just get a mani/pedi while I’m out there!

A big special THANK YOU to Breanna at The Thing About Joy for putting all of this together for us! We all appreciate the hard work that went into this lovely GNO! You’re the best 🙂

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