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How To BOO or BOOze Your Neighbors this Halloween
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How To BOO or BOOze Your Neighbors this Halloween

Feeling the effects of quarantine and social distancing starting to seep into the new season ahead? Instead of letting it get to you and your kids, let’s find some other ways to have fun with the holidays these next few months starting with Halloween. It’s time to BOO or BOOze your neighbors!

I’ve created some free printables for you to use too! If you’re already a VIP member, grab them from the Printable Library. Otherwise, you can get them here along with access to all the other free printables I’ve created!

Boo your neighbors this Halloween! Find out how to BOO, what to get and fun, free printables to include!

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No clue what BOOing is?

Look no further.

BOOing your neighbors is a fun little way to leave treats for your neighbors or friends. The best part is that it’s a secret. Drop off a bag or basket of Halloween goodies on their doorstep with a sweet note and sign to encourage them to continue the fun and do the same for others!

The first time we were BOOed, Chloe was 2 years old and it was our first Halloween in our new home. It was so exciting to get that bucket of goodies on our doorstep!

Boo your neighbors - We've Been Booed!

Her bucket was stocked full of gummies, light-up Halloween toys, window clings, bows, and other little goodies perfect for our girl. Needless to say, she felt so special and we were excited to return the favor to some other neighbors!

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Finding items for your BOO buckets

Your BOO buckets don’t have to be expensive. In fact, I recommend going to The Dollar Tree or hitting up the Target Dollar Spot! They have tons of fun Halloween tricks and treats for you to include. Here are some of my recommendations:

Here are a few examples of items I snagged from the Target Dollar Spot last year!

Boo your neighbor basket ideas

You can also find some fun items on Amazon!

I realize that some of these items come in larger packages, but you can do so many things with them! You can use some to Boo your neighbors this year and save the others with your Halloween decor to use for next Halloween. (I’ve totally done this!) You can also add whatever you don’t use to your Halloween candy for trick-or-treating! This is especially great if you have any trick-or-treaters that have food allergies.

You can’t BOO your neighbors without a sign!

When you BOO your neighbors, along with the goodies, you’ll want to include an instruction sheet and sign for them to hang on their door or in their window! This will help them BOO someone else on the street and let others know that they’ve been BOOed!

Get this free printable to BOO your neighbors this Halloween! #halloweenfun #halloweenideas #halloweenforkids

I created this fun and FREE printable for you to send along with your BOO bucket! The little poem explains what the gift is and how to pass on the good fortune. Click here to get the free printable as well as the rest of the content in my free printable library!

Just print this out, cut it in half, and include it in your BOO bucket!

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Have you figured out what BOOzing is yet?

Just like your kids would BOO the kids next door, now adults can join in the fun and BOOze their friends too! Instead of a basket of goodies, find a bottle of wine or liquor, 12 pack of beer or seltzers, mini liquor bottles, a cocktail kit or whatever you see fit. Package it up with a nice bow or label and leave it on their doorstep as the perfect Halloween gift!

Let’s be real, we can all use a little extra fun this Halloween, so why not spread the joy to everyone around. Fun doesn’t have to just be for the kids!

I even found these fun Halloween themed wine bottle labels that you can put on wine or liquor bottles when you Booze your neighbors this year!

Don’t forget your free printable!

Before you go run off to get fun items to BOO your neighbors, don’t forget to grab your FREE printable signs! They’re super cute and are the perfect finishing touch to your BOO or BOOze buckets.

It's time to BOO or BOOze your neighbors this Halloween. Spread the Halloween cheer with this fun activity and these free printables! #halloweenprintable #booprintable #youvebeenbooed

What do you think? Will you be BOOing or BOOzing your neighbors this year?

What are some other fun ways that your family or friends like to spread the Halloween cheer?

Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to add some more fun to Halloween this year!

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  1. These are such cute ideas! I still have no idea what we’ll be doing yet!

  2. I love these ideas. Cant believe Hallowean is nearly here.

  3. Jennifer Van Haitsma says:

    I love the booing concept but I’ve never actually done it (or had it done) Thanks for breaking it down, and all the cute suggestions!

  4. This is the first time that I e heard of booing. What a fun idea. We have tons of kids in our neighborhood and this would be a great way to get to all of them! Thanks for sharing.

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