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20 Week Bumpdate: Pregnant in a Pandemic

20 Week Bumpdate: Pregnant in a Pandemic

There are some days that it’s hard to believe I’m already halfway through this third pregnancy. It’s gone by much faster than the other two which is saying something, considering March and April were quite possibly the longest months to ever exist thanks to the COVID-19 shut down. Being pregnant at home with two little ones during a global pandemic has been quite the journey, but it’s ours! Here’s my 20 week bumpdate sharing my highs and lows over the last few weeks!

Anatomy Scan

Yesterday was my 20 week anatomy ultrasound, so I thought I’d share a few details about that before I dive into the usual bumpdate details! This is obviously my third anatomy scan since I already have two little ones, and it’s the first that I had to wear a mask and where my husband was not allowed to attend. I’ve always had him there by my side, and he’s always enjoyed getting to be a part of this process with me. It’s a bummer that he was not able to attend, but I’m thankful that this is our third child and not our first. At least he knows what’s going on, and doesn’t need this extra bit to make the pregnancy feel more real!

Overall the scan went pretty well, and Baby G3 is growing right on track! He or she is currently 12 ounces! Just like my other two, this baby’s head is measuring a little ahead, so it’s clear that I have big headed babies like their daddy.

Baby was moving and squirming around like crazy, and it was so fun to see everything on the screen! Little fingers and tiny toes are the best. The ultrasound tech had me close my eyes when she was around the legs to make sure I didn’t accidently see anything, so the gender is still unknown to me!

The was one small issue with Baby’s kidneys. Both kidneys were slightly more dilated than they like to see which is fairly common and usually resolves on its own. They want me to come back in October to check on them and see if they are at the appropriate size. On the plus side, this means another fun scan at 33 weeks!

How far along?

20 weeks and 4 days today!

Here are my 20 week bumpdates with both Chloe and Brody too!

Size of Baby

20 week bumpdate from

Baby G3 is now the size of a banana! He or she is about 6.5 inches long and a whopping 10 ounces. Weight gain is really starting to pick up these days…for baby and mommy!

Weight Gain

Up about 14 lbs. Definitely more than I was with Chloe or Brody at this point, but I’m choosing to listen to my body that is growing this precious baby!

Note: At my last doctor’s appointment, my OB told me that I needed to watch my weight gain and not gain as much as I did in the last month again. Needless to say, I was not please with this comment. I’m fully aware that I’ve gained a few pounds more than I had with Chloe and Brody at this point, but I am a very healthy and active woman. That being said, I’m taking her comment with a grain of salt and continuing to eat healthy and do my thing. I just wanted to share in case any other pregnant mommas have heard similar comments. You are not alone. We’re growing babies and fueling our bodies to the best of our abilities!

20 week bumpdate comparison between my three pregnancies!
Left to Right: Chloe – Brody – Baby G3


  • Water Retention
  • Occasional Braxton Hicks
  • Slow Digestive System
  • Some Round Ligament Pain in the evenings
  • Occasional Sciatic Pain


Cereal and plain Greek yogurt, protein balls, grilled cheese, fruit, ice cream (Blue Bell’s cookie cake is my current fave), chili are the things that immediately come to mind.

I can’t say that I’m specifically craving sweet, salty or spicy! It’s honestly a combo of it all! With Chloe I was all about cereals, fruit and sweets. With Brody I wanted salty chips and crackers and spicy buffalo chicken!


I mentioned in my first trimester and 17 week bumpdates that I was struggling with the emotional aspect of this pregnancy especially in the midst of a global pandemic. I’m happy to say that the last few weeks have been a little bit easier. I still have my ups and downs, but it’s helped putting myself out there because my friends have been by my side to help lift me up. I’m beyond thankful for my tribe…close by and afar!

Bump Comparison at 19 weeks! Baby 2 on left and Baby 3 on right. It’s crazy how different they can be.


I am definitely feeling it more and more every day. I love those sweet kicks and rolls! Baby is super active in the morning after my iced coffee and in the evening when I’m winding down and relaxing on the couch!


Not too bad these days. I’m physically exhausted in the evenings, but still taking melatonin to help my body wind down into sleepiness. It also helps me stay asleep. I’m only waking about once a night to use the restroom which is nice. Hoping it stays that way for a while longer!


Walking and running as much as I can! This month I’ve already added 36.75 miles to my baby mileage bank, and I plan to keep going until the very end.

My runs are much slower these days and I’m only running 2-3 times per week and walking the rest.

An awesome prenatal workout

I also recorded an awesome prenatal workout on Instagram using a stability ball that y’all should check out. I’m planning to record a few more prenatal specific workouts to put together in a blog post as well!

View this post on Instagram

Who’s done a workout with a stability ball? Also known as a yoga ball or birth ball. You can get one at a sports store or even order on Amazon if you don’t have one. I highly recommend having one for your home gym. There are several sizes, so make sure you get the right one for your height. ?55 cm ball if you’re under 5’4″ ?65 cm ball if you’re between 5’4″ – 5’10″ ?75 cm ball if you’re over 5’10” I’ve linked to some great ones in my bio (Shop my fitness favorites) as well as my new leggings (that are NOT maternity and are butter soft) and other items from my workout videos! . Today’s workout is all about the ball while it’s a great low impact workout for anyone, it’s great for all trimesters of pregnancy and even postpartum once you’re cleared to start working out again! . Pre & Post-Natal Stability Ball Workout ?10 Squat with ball lift ?10 Plie Squat with ball lift ?10 Lunges (step back) with ball press ?Other side ?10 Ball Sit Ups ?10 Ball Core Press Out ?10 Kneeling Side Leg Lifts ?10 Kneeling Side Crunches ?Two above, other side ‼️BONUS 0:30-1:00 Plank‼️ *Rest for 1-2 minutes* **Repeat 3-4 rounds total** . When doing the squats and lunges, be sure to squeeze the ball while your lifting or pressing for extra shoulder and chest work! . Do you have a stability/yoga ball? What are your favorite exercises to do with it? . . . . . #prenatalworkout #fitpregnancy #fitmomlife #stabilityball #coreworkout #workoutoftheweek #lowimpactworkout

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What I Miss

  • Sleeping on my stomach
  • A glass of wine in the evenings
  • Raw sushi
  • Running and not feeling so heavy

Favorite Pregnancy Gear

Check out my 17 week pregnancy post to see what my favorites were then because they still are! This week I’ll add:

  • Calm: This is a magnesium supplement that is intended to help relieve the stress of the day and encourages a healthy digestive system. I started taking it in the evenings since I also have to take an iron supplement for anemia. It’s definitely helping and I highly recommend it. Not only is it safe for pregnant women, it’s encouraged because we have an increased need for magnesium while pregnant and breastfeeding!
  • Non-Maternity Leggings: I purchased these and ordered a size up from my normal size! They are butter soft and so comfortable. I’m actually wearing them in the workout video above! They come up over my belly, are not tight and will easily stretch as my belly grows. The best part is they’ll be perfect for postpartum too!

Looking Forward To

Our beach family photos this Saturday followed by a couple days at the beach with my family of 4!

Chloe’s 5th birthday coming up in just 2 weeks!

Halfway to Baby!

That’s it, we’re over halfway to baby and it’s surprising how fast everything is going. I’m interested to see how things go once the school year starts. We will starting with online learning and I’m NOT looking forward to that. I’m hoping my pregnancy hormones and emotions don’t get the best of me!

But before we get there, my sweet girl is turning 5 in two weeks and she can’t wait! Just for fun, if you’re interested in her birth story, I’d love for you to read it. It has two parts, my prodromal back labor and her actual birth!

Do you feel like the first or second half of your pregnancies go by faster?

The first half for me since the last month feels like it’s at least 100 days!

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