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20 Week Bumpdate
Chloe Grace Pregnancy

20 Week Bumpdate

It’s finally time for another bump date! 

How Far Along? 20 weeks – I can’t believe we’re half way there!
Size of Baby: Melon or a Banana! She is about 6.5 inches long and around 10 oz in weight
Weight Gain: Up about 8.5-9 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight
Maternity Clothes: Still no pregnancy specific clothes. I have officially graduated to the belly band though! My pants button, but only the ones that were a little bigger on me before baby. I’ve been avoiding denim for the most part. Thank goodness I work at a gym!
Stretch marks: Not yet and hopefully never!
Symptoms: Headaches, more headaches, occasional dizziness, tummy trouble
Cravings: Peanut butter crackers, grapes, pizza, and other random things depending on the day…like chili cheese fries. Y’all I want them bad. So NOT me!
Gender: Little Baby GIRL!!!

Mood: Happy happy happy
Nursery: No progress yet, but I have an idea of exactly how I want Chloe’s room to look! Maybe I’ll give y’all some hints next week 🙂
Movement: Feeling little bitty movements, but I have to be still and quiet to notice them. Mostly I feel them in the afternoon/evenings when I’m relaxing on the couch. I’m really looking forward to feeling strong kicks and punches!
Sleep: Still waking up once or twice at night for potty breaks and I’m starting to have some hip discomfort. Some nights I fall right back to sleep and others it can take an hour or longer. I did order a pregnancy pillow this week and it seems to help!
Workouts: Thanks to my bum ankle, workouts are a bit harder :-/

Sunday: Rest

Monday: Tabata class – I took their high intensity movements and did something that I’m more capable of given all of my ailments.
Tuesday: 30 minutes easy on the bike
Wednesday: 40 minute strength workout
Thursday: 45 minute step class. I had to teach in my boot. It was interesting to say the least! I didn’t use a step, but I was exhausted and sweaty by the end!
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Planning on a walk with the pups 🙂
What I Miss: Being able to run and that’s not even because of pregnancy! I also miss sushi and wine, but this little girl is so worth missing those things for a few more months!
Belly Button in or out?In…but it’s starting to stretch
Wedding rings on or off? On
Labor Signs: No
Anything making you queasy or sick: Mornings. I feel a bit nauseous every morning, but it goes away after an hour or two. No food aversions though.
Best Moment The Past 2 Weeks: Finding out the gender of our sweet little Baby G! I’m so happy to call her by name now and I feel like I can really start to imagine how our lives are going to be! Did you miss the gender reveal? Check it out! Also seeing Chloe again at our 20 week level 2 ultrasound on Wednesday! It was great to confirm that she is indeed a girl and that she is perfectly healthy and growing right on track. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect appointment!

Looking forward to: My halfway appointment with my doctor next week, {This week’s ultrasound was with a specialist} and starting to figure out the plans for Chloe’s nursery!

Here’s a look back at last week’s official bump pictures! This week’s official picture hasn’t been snapped yet, but I figured my bump outfit from last night {the first pic of the post!} was a pretty good indicator of just how big Chloe is getting! She has let the world know that she is in charge and she’s here to stay.

Happy Friday y’all! Another weekend is finally here. I’m pretty sure that each week gets longer and harder as I get bigger and bigger! Having my boot on with an injured ankle probably isn’t helping much either. On the plus side, all is well and Mommy and Chloe are doing great! Now we’re looking forward to a restful weekend of nothingness before the next few months are crazy!!!

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