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35 Week Bumpdate

35 Week Bumpdate

Hello 35 week bumpdate! The countdown is officially on and we’re looking at less than 35 days until baby boy’s estimated due date! That means he could come even sooner…or make his family wait a little bit longer. I’m hoping he comes right around or a little before like his big sister who arrived at 39 weeks and 5 days.
I missed my 34 week bumpdate last week because JP was traveling out of the country and I just didn’t have the time to sit down and write anything. Hence the lack of blog posts lately. I’d like to say I’m back on track for the next couple of weeks, but you never know how you’re going to feel the last few weeks of pregnancy. My plan is to definitely keep up with my bumpdates and I’ll do my next one at 37 weeks. Then maybe every week until he comes to keep y’all updated! For other fun life events, be sure to check out my Instagram or Facebook page! Once baby boy arrives, I’ll take a short break before I’m back and blogging about life as a momma of two.
Here’s a flashback to almost exactly 3 years ago when I was 35 weeks with Chloe!
How Far Along? 
35 weeks yesterday!
Size of Baby:
Little man is the size of a pineapple! 
He’s likely between 18-19 inches long and weighs somewhere around 5-6 lbs. All babies are pretty different at this point, so he could even be bigger than that! I’ll have an ultrasound at my 36 week appointment to confirm that he is still head down and to get another estimate on just how big he is these days.

Weight Gain:
Up about 27 lbs and gaining roughly a pound a week.
We’re pretty hungry over here!
All of the fun 3rd trimester feels: lower back pain, hemorrhoids, swelling in my lower legs and feet, round ligament pain and some insomnia thanks to a wiggly little guy who wants to do kickboxing instead of sleep! Now I’m noting all of these things, but nothing is really too bad to complain much about honestly! This pregnancy has been easy and I’m lucky that it hasn’t been that bad at all.
I’m all over the place these days. Pop-Tarts {I finally finished that box that I bought a while back, and no I didn’t buy another but I kind of want to!}, cereal and milk, crunchy peanut butter and honey toast, watermelon, cherries and tacos are the main things that come to mind.
It depends of the time of the day! For the most part, I’ve been in a pretty good mood. I’m getting excited about being closer to giving birth and meeting this little guy. Unfortunately I seem to have caught a summer cold which has me a little on the cranky and fussy side. Also in the evenings, I’m not always the nicest or easiest to deal with. God bless my husband. I’m usually so uncomfortable and exhausted that I’m just grumpy and negative.
It’s done and done thanks to all of my amazing family and friends getting everything we needed and some for our baby shower! Here’s a quick panoramic peek at how it looks and I plan to do a full nursery post very soon.
Everywhere and always. He is everywhere and moving constantly! His favorite time to go crazy is when I’m laying on the couch or just before bed. Other than that, he’s a little more chill when I’m super busy and I think I lull him to sleep on my long walks and workouts!
It’s hit or miss for sure. Some nights I’m out like a light and others I lie in bed reading for over an hour to try and fall asleep. Some nights I only get up once to pee and others I’m up 3-4 times. Some mornings I can sleep until my 7am alarm, but most mornings I’m up by 6:30am. I’m definitely feeling more uncomfortable when I sleep. I’m hoping that pregnancy insomnia doesn’t hit and I can get plenty of rest before he arrives.
Hanging in there and going strong! My workouts for the week look something like this:
Sunday: Rest/Swim at my parents
Monday: Teach 45 minutes of Tabata with modified low impact exercises
Tuesday: 2-3 mile walk
Wednesday: 2-3 mile walk
Thursday: 30 minute low impact workout
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 2-3 mile walk

Sometimes the walks are walk/jog intervals and sometimes they’re more like waddles. It depends on the day, the heat and just how I’m feeling! My goal is to walk as often as possible. Sometimes I can just sneak in a mile in the afternoon with the dogs, but mostly I can get up and out there before the heat of the day which allows me to get a few miles in while listening to my podcasts!

What I Miss:
Sushi and a glass of wine.
Laying on my stomach.
Lounging comfortably on the couch.
Being able to hold my little girl for longer than a few seconds.
Belly Button in or out?
It’s out there.
Labor Signs:
Braxton Hicks are starting to become more prominent. I get at least a few a day, but they don’t bother me. It’s nice to know that my body is slowly preparing for his birthday! I’ll have my first cervical exam at my next appointment at 36 weeks and 4 days and I’m interested to see if anything is happening.
Anything making you queasy or sick: 
Nope. I just don’t want to cook. It doesn’t make me queasy, I just don’t feel like it.
Best Moments The Past Weeks: 
Our dino themed baby shower {Take a look here at all of the fun!}
Celebrating the 4th of July
Getting the nursery all set up!
Looking forward to:
Chloe’s 3rd birthday party this weekend
Her actual birthday the following weekend
My 36 week appointment {I’ll be 36 weeks and 4 days} where I’ll get a growth scan and my first internal exam to see if I’m starting to make any progress!
Stay tuned next week for an official nursery post and to hear all about Chloe’s 3rd birthday party! I can’t wait to share both. We have a fun and busy weekend ahead!

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