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32 Week Bumpdate: Baby Number 3

32 Week Bumpdate: Baby Number 3

It’s been a while, so I wanted to share what’s been going on in my pregnancy over the last few weeks! I’m sharing my 32 week bumpdate just a few days before I officially hit the 32 week mark.

It’s hard to believe we’re in the single digit weeks. When this post goes live on October 1, it’s just 58 days until my due date. To put things into perspective it’s also 30 days until Halloween, 56 days until Thanksgiving and 85 days until Christmas!

My third pregnancy has flown by. Here are the details of my symptoms, fitness, cravings and emotions as well as a fun comparison to my other pregnancies! #thirdpregnancy #thirdtrimester #32weekspregnant

In case you missed it, here are my other bumpdates throughout this third pregnancy!

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How far along?

31 Weeks and 4 Days when this post goes live!

I’ll be 32 weeks on Saturday, October 3rd.

Size of Baby

32 week bumpdate

At 32 weeks, baby is the size of a Care Bear, coconut, cantaloupe or squash!

Baby is almost 17 inches long and between 3.5-4 lbs. Trust me, momma is starting to feel that extra weight!

Weight Gain

Somewhere around 25 lbs. Very close to where I’ve been for all of my pregnancies.

Stretch Marks

None! I’m a lucky momma. Genetics play a big part in whether or not you’ll get stretch marks, but that doesn’t stop me from lathering my belly in Palmer’s Tummy Cocoa Butter after every shower or bath!


  • Braxton Hicks
  • Nausea/Indigestion
  • Round Ligament Pain
  • Evening exhaustion
  • Middle of the night cramps!


Cereal, cookies, coffee, PB&J, salami, tuna salad sandwiches, fruit

32 week bumpdate cravings

My main aversion is meat just like it was with Chloe. Meat in casseroles doesn’t both me, but a piece of grilled chicken or a pork chop does not interest me in any way.


Up and down. This pregnancy has been a doozy as far as emotions go. I’ve said it before that being pregnant during the COVID-19 pandemic has put a damper on this pregnancy. Not because of the virus itself, but because of the restrictions, fear and changes it has brought about.

My anxiety ebbs and flows. For a while, I was doing really well and then it spiked again when we transitioned from virtual to in person learning for my daughter. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve wanted her in the classroom from the get go, but all of the changes definitely have thrown me for a loop. On the plus side, this too shall pass and my moods will hopefully level out again!


This baby is on the go. Just like my other two, Baby G3 likes to kick mommy when she’s down. Ha! Literally when I’m sitting and trying to get comfy, this little one is moving. Also bedtime is always the right time to test the spacial limits of my womb.


It depends on the night, but thanks to Melatonin, I’m doing okay. (In case you’re wondering, I take these gummies. 5mg a night 30 minutes before bed does the trick for me.) It helps me go to sleep which is really nice.

The hard part is that lately I’ve been waking up with muscle cramps and charley horses! It’s the WORST y’all! The ones in my calf are bad, but some nights, I’ve even gotten them in my hamstrings. Horrible. I usually wake JP up when I get these because I can’t help but cry out in pain. They say to stay hydrated to avoid these, so I drink around 100oz of water daily and it doesn’t seem to be enough!


32 week bumpdate fitness - how I'm staying active in my third trimester of pregnancy.

Still going strong! In fact, I’ve even been able to incorporate a few runs lately. My broken pinky toe is slowly starting to feel better and after a month of no running, I’m able to trot again. I am not fast, but I’m doing it.

I’m mostly walking or doing the elliptical when I’m at the gym. As for strength training, I’m following my favorite Prenatal Workouts as well as the workouts that I share via Instagram when I have the energy!

What I Miss

  • Feeling comfortable
  • Sleeping without charley horses
  • Running pain free
  • Raw sushi and wine
  • Margaritas (the strangest craving I’ve had my whole pregnancy!)

Labor Signs

Braxton Hicks are here to stay! They’re worse on days that I’m more active, but manageable. I don’t remember ever having them with Chloe, but I started experiencing them at this point with Brody!

Best Moments in the Last Few Weeks

Maternity photos taken at 9:00am in September.

Taking maternity photos with Kellianne Barron Photography who also did Brody’s newborns, 1 year photos and our beach photos! Above is a quick snap on my phone that JP took, but I’ll be sure to post more photos as soon as I get them!

My 33rd birthday! Fun fact, I’ve never been pregnant during September or October until this pregnancy, so it’s is the first birthday I’ve celebrated while pregnant!

Looking Forward To

My brunch baby sprinkle! I can’t wait to see some of my loved ones and celebrate this sweet baby.

32 week bumpdate comparison of all 3 pregnancies.

That’s a wrap on this 32 week bumpdate. Here I am right around 32 weeks pregnant with Chloe, Brody and G3! I honestly feel like I look about the same. If anything, my hair has just gotten longer.

In case you want to look back at a little comparison, here are my 33 week bumpdate with Chloe and 32 week bumpdate with Brody!

Stay tuned because coming soon are going to be all of my favorite products that I’ve used through pregnancy. I’m leaving out the things that were a waste of money and including everything I couldn’t live without!

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