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Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids that Double as Decor
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Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids that Double as Decor

Spooky season is among us which means my fall decor is getting a little Halloween upgrade! I don’t tend to spend tons of money on Halloween decor right now because my daughter is OBSESSED with all things arts and crafts. I’ve started creating fun Halloween crafts that double as decor for our home!

Take a look at some of our latest projects, ones that were big hits in previous years and a couple we want to tackle this month!

Halloween Crafts that Double as Decor

Bats on a Stick

Halloween Crafts that Double as Decor - Bat on a Stick

This is super simple craft that actually transformed my bookshelf this Halloween! In fact, I would say it’s my favorite one we’ve done this season.

These little bats only require black construction paper, glue and popsicle sticks. I used this bat image below to trace out our bats. Feel free to print it out using this PDF! When you click print, go to More Settings and under Pages per Sheet choose 9 to get the size that I used!

Click for printable bat for tracing

After printing, I cut out two of these bat halves and taped them together for tracing!

If your child is older, have them practice tracing and cutting out the bats. Otherwise you can trace and they can cut!

Next glue your bats to the popsicle sticks. It’s as easy as that. We even kept some bats off popsicle sticks and just taped them to our shelves! It add so much Halloween fun and cost next to nothing.

Halloween Paper Chain

This one is so easy and can be created for any holiday really! The best part is that you can at least dictate the colors of the paper chain to match your spooky decor, then let you little one create it!

Halloween Crafts that Double as Decor - Paper Chain

We chose orange, black, purple and green! I cut the construction paper into strips and then let my daughter glue and attach it. She had so much fun and it kept her busy.

Now she’s proud to see her paper chain on our mantle every day!

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Spooky Painted Rocks

Halloween Crafts that Double as Decor - Spooky Painted Rocks

Painting rocks became a thing for our family this year during quarantine. It was a fun and easy project for my kids that kept them busy for a while and it was also cathartic for me. Now that my daughter is getting more creative, we can actually do holiday themed ones! (Before it was just a mess of colors.)

Painting rocks is simple and you probably have everything you need at home! All you need are some smooth stones, acrylic paint and paint brushes. While washable paint may be more appealing for young children, I’ll warn you that it will wash or wear off pretty easily!

We started our rock painting journey with this kit which is a steal for less than $15. (Also makes for an awesome gift!)

Ghost Lollipops

Just 3 items needed for this fun and simple Halloween craft for kids! Hand them out to friends or make this Halloween craft double as decor by tying several to a string to make garland!

These ghost lollipops are such an easy craft for your kids! You only need 3 things: lollipops, tissues and colored twine or string.

Once you’ve created several, you can tie them on a long piece of twine or string to hang across the mantle or doorway. If you’d rather hand them out, they make for a great treat to send to school since it’s packaged with a fun personal twist!

Check out these rice krispie monsters and cookie witch hats as a super fun treat your kids can make too!

Painted Mini Pumpkins

Halloween crafts that double as decor - Painted Pumpkins

Similar to the painted rocks, you can also paint some pumpkins! We actually found a little pumpkin painting kit at our local grocery store. It came with 4 small pumpkins, a paint brush and 4 mini paint colors. Luckily we have tons of other colors at home from all of our crafting adventures!

You can create silly faces like these or if you’re really ready to paint, try to create a Frankenstein, Dracula or one of your other favorite Halloween characters or ghouls.

We like to use our painted pumpkins to decorate our porch!

Halloween Soap Bottles

Halloween crafts that double as decor - Soap bottles

No room left undecorated! Even the bathroom can get a little Halloween pizzaz.

These soaps that Michelle from Crafty Morning put together are super adorable! All of the supplies can be purchased at the dollar store and it will look super cute in your guest bathroom throughout spooky season!

Check out all the details on Crafty Morning!

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Halloween Wreath

Check out these fun Halloween crafts that double as decor! This wreath is super simple and can be made so many different ways. #halloweendecor #spookyseason #halloweencrafts

I created this wreath a couple of years ago using a small foam wreath circle, Halloween garland, a hot glue gun, a piece of string and a wooden Halloween cut out that I painted. I made before I had my daughter, but it’s definitely a craft that she would love to do now.

All I did was wrap my Halloween tinsel garland around the foam wreath securing each end with some hot glue. Then I painted my wooden Halloween cut out and tied it to the wreath once it dried. It’s so simple!

You could easily create a wreath like this for your front door by choosing a larger size foam wreath circle. You could also add several of the Halloween cut outs to fill the space or even glue them around the wreath itself. So many options to try!

Halloween Crafts Galore!

There are so many different ways you can take these fun crafty projects and turn them into fun decorations for your home. I’m all for something that keeps the kids busy and having fun that I can actually repurpose at home. (We all know that too many crafts eventually as snuck into the garbage can when little eyes aren’t watching.)

I would love to hear about your Halloween crafts for kids that double as decor in your home!

Don’t forget to pin these ideas to your Halloween or Craft board on Pinterest for later!

These 8 Halloween crafts can double as home decor for spooky season! Get your kids involved and create a fun spooky space everyone will love! #halloween2020 #halloweendecor

Which of these projects do you think your kids would love to create?

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  1. I love how doable these all seem to be. That wreath is really pretty.

    1. I’m all for crafts that don’t take too much! Momma doesn’t have enough time!

  2. I love the spooky season. Great crafty tips thanks xx

    1. Me too! It’s so much fun with little ones!

      1. Although we don’t celebrate Halloween but still I found these crafts very productive fun and very easy to make yet hell cool. The one with stone painting and those lollipops are very nice and the bats on sticks is too good too

  3. Jennifer Van Haitsma says:

    These are so cute! My kiddos love getting crafty. And the messier the better! LOL

    1. Haha mine too!

  4. Chloé says:

    So many cute ideas! My son would love to paint rocks or the pumpkins! We might have to do this!

    1. It’s such a fun and easy craft that all kids love! It’s been one of our favorites! Plus you can paint rocks for any holiday!

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