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Brody’s Newborn Photo Shoot
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Brody’s Newborn Photo Shoot

I don’t have a lot of words for y’all today. Just a little update and a lot of pictures from Brody’s newborn photo shoot!

Today my baby boy is 6 weeks old! It’s hard to believe that time is going so fast. I knew that it would, but it’s still shocking nonetheless. Life with this little boy has been amazing. He is the perfect addition to our family; he fits in like the piece we knew was missing.

His sister is absolutely smitten with him! She is constantly trying to help out with her little brother. Her favorite ways to help are covering him up with all the blankets, giving him his paci then promptly pulling it out of his mouth, laying on the floor with him for tummy time and always trying to make him smile. The way they interact already makes my heart explode. I can’t wait to watch their relationship grow as they age and become closer!

Daddy is doing wonderful! JP has 2 more weeks left of his 8 week paternity leave. His help around the house and driving Chloe to all of her activities has been the greatest blessing. It’ll definitely be an adjustment once he goes back to the real world! He’s loved having this time to bond with Brody and just adjust to our new family dynamic. We’ve taken advantage of this time to spend lots of time together as a family going on weekend trips to College Station, family lunch dates and getting lots of projects done around the house.

I’m really feeling like myself again. I think this postpartum experience has been fairly easy for me. Emotionally, I’m in a great place and physically, I’m already back at it! I’ve slowly started back into my postpartum fitness routine with easy workouts, lots of walks and easing back into running. Breastfeeding is just as wonderful for us as it was with Chloe, and I’ll be sure to share more about my breastfeeding journey when the time is right. Bonding with this little boy has been as easy as breathing because he has stolen my heart! Having a son is the most beautiful blessing. I love both of my children equally, but I love them differently! I’m the luckiest mommy because God chose me to be theirs.

Now, let’s just look at these gorgeous pictures taken by Kellianne Barron Photography when Brody was just 13 days old! I promise I narrowed them down to my favorites. Kellianne was so wonderful to work with and then she sent me so many pictures, it was hard to choose!

In case you want a blast to the past, here’s a look at Chloe’s newborn photo shoot!

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