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4 Steps to Getting Back to Fitness Postpartum
Fitness Postpartum

4 Steps to Getting Back to Fitness Postpartum

Getting back into a workout routine after having a baby is no joke. You alter {or for some, cut out} your fitness program while pregnant, then you’re told not to do anything for 4-6 weeks. Once you get in the habit of not doing anything, it’s easy to stay in that rut. It takes a lot of motivation and a plan to get back into a workout routine once you’re cleared by your doctor. Since I just had a baby and I’m starting to get back into my postpartum fitness groove, I thought I’d share with y’all my postpartum fitness plan!

This post is just one of a few to come on getting back to working out after having a baby. If you’re about to be cleared or have just been cleared to workout again, here are 4 basic steps to slowly getting into the swing of things. This applies to all new mommas whether you were working out before pregnancy or not. Just because you didn’t before doesn’t mean you can’t start now. New moms need to find a little bit of time to do something themselves!

Okay, I realize this may seem incredibly basic. Like I said earlier, this is just a guideline for slowly getting back into things.

one. Choose your cardio

Try to do some form of cardio for 30 minutes 3 times a week. Once that gets comfortable, you can up it to 4, 5, 6, 7, whatever fits your lifestyle, goals and busy life. Start with something easy and low impact like walking. You can even do this before the 6 week clearance and baby can come along in the stroller. When you’re ready to ramp it up, choose something that you’ll keep up with: running, swimming, cycling, dance cardio. Just something that will keep you moving and your heart rate up!

two. Add strength

The workout above is just one of many that you can add in once you’re cleared for strength workouts. You can find postpartum friendly workouts on Pinterest and I’ll have some more here in the following weeks. Focus on exercises that target the legs, glutes and core. Remember that your core doesn’t just consist of your abs! Abs, obliques, back, legs and chest all fall into this category. You need to strengthen them all to regain the strength you had before your pregnant belly.

Also remember to start slow and with lower sets and reps. See how your body feels as you work into it. As it feels more normal and natural, you can increase the number of sets and later up the reps if you want!

three. Don’t forget to stretch

Stretching is key and easily forgotten when getting into a workout routine. Stretching helps your body get back to optimal alignment post birth! Think of just how much things were moved around while growing a tiny human. Your pelvis can easily be out of alignment and stretching helps to rebalance your posture. It also helps to relieve stress, allows you to relax your body and helps with pain relief.

Areas to focus on when stretching include: your core, quads, hamstrings, hip flexors and glutes.

four. Listen to your body

I mentioned this above in the strength section, but listening to your body, starting slow and working up is key! You know your body best. {Don’t forget to follow your doctor’s instructions. Don’t start your fitness program until cleared!} Something else to remember is don’t compare your postpartum journey to another mom’s journey! Everyone heals different. Whatever feels right for you, is right for you!

Remember that getting back into exercise postpartum has so many benefits! It can help with postpartum depression, helps you feel like yourself again, replenishes your body and enhances your stamina levels which are all needed on this journey of motherhood.

This is just a guide for new moms and honestly, anyone new to working out and starting a fitness routine. Stay tuned each week for a new workout to add to your collection. This week’s was fairly simple in Step Two but each week will be a little different, target other body parts and help you slowly reach your fitness goals!

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