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What I’m Loving Wednesday: New Mom Edition
Chloe Grace Favorites

What I’m Loving Wednesday: New Mom Edition

Look, I’m back again! I told y’all I wanted to get back into a normal blogging routine. 3 days a week is my goal, so today is perfect because it’s What I’m Loving Wednesday!  Probably one of my favorite link ups ever, and lately I’ve been loving so much.

I’m loving…

The Boppy Newborn Lounger! Y’all this thing is fantastic. I can put it on the couch and snuggle right next to her or work on my computer…like I am right now! I actually was so lucky and scored this Boppy for next to nothing. It was a steal! I got it from a swap shop type group for people in my parents’ neighborhood for only $10, and it’s practically new. Best post baby purchase so far.


Puppy/Baby Snuggles. Maggie is completely obsessed with Chloe. Moose on the other hand is kind of apathetic towards her. He’ll sniff at her for a second, but really he ignores her most of the time. Maggie wants to check on her baby and snuggle her baby and lick her baby all the time. When I was still pregnant, I would ask Maggie where her baby was and she would lay her head on my belly or sniff it. Now she runs over to Chloe to make sure she is okay. I just love it.


My Brest Friend Breastfeeding Pillow. As a first-time breastfeeding mom, this thing is awesome. I call it my baby shelf. Most people are drawn towards the very popular Boppy, but my mom recommended this one to me. It wraps around your body and buckles on securely. There are two humps to support your arm and baby’s head when feeding. It’s also nice to be able to lay your baby on the pillow as soon as they’re done feeding. Chloe seems to like it and I love it. I can also move around with it still attached to me or use it as support when holding her!


Chloe’s Newborn Photoshoot and Pictures. I had the same photographer that did my maternity pictures come out to our house and shoot Chloe’s newborn pictures. (Marci from Three Peas Photography is a gem if anyone is looking for a Houston/Katy area photographer!) Capturing moments of Chloe with JP and me as well as ones of just her was magical. These pictures are something I will cherish forever and I highly recommend having them done! I can’t wait to see what Marci comes up with for our 6-month shoot…but I can patiently wait. No need for time to speed up!

Those are just a few of my favorites! I’ll post more sporadically later on! I hope everyone has a happy hump day and can think of a few things you love to brighten your day. My baby girl is currently the center of my world and the biggest joy in my life. It’s hard to be sad!

**Disclaimer: I was not paid to promote these products. I just really do love them and want to share them with other new moms!**

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