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My Third Trimester Summer Must Haves
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My Third Trimester Summer Must Haves

Hello summer and hello third trimester of my pregnancy. Both have actually been around for a few weeks, but as it gets hotter, I keep getting bigger! I thought it would be fun to share my third trimester summer must haves. Not all of them are necessarily summer related, but they’re a must no matter what time of year you’re pregnant!

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These are my third trimester pregnancy must haves especially for a summer baby! After having two babies in hot summer months, these are the items that I found to be the most useful!

Third Trimester Necessities for Summer Months

Maternity/Long Tank Tops

At the top of my third trimester summer must haves list are tank tops! It’s summertime in Texas, so I’m hot. I’m pretty much melting most days. If I know I’ll just be in the house for a while, I usually don’t even wear a shirt. A sports bra totally does the trick. My husband was helping me with laundry the other day and he mentioned that all I had were tank tops to wash. Why yes because that’s all I wear! I have a few from Motherhood Maternity, but most are just simple tanks from Target and I sized up. The tank below is one I snagged from a Motherhood Maternity sale! They have lots of cute shirts with pregnancy puns if you’re into that sort of thing. Clearly I am!

Number one third trimester summer must have are tank tops! Check out some of my favorites!

Comfy, Supportive Sandals

Again it’s hot here and sandals are a must. I live in them! The key is to get a good, comfy, supportive pair that you can slip on and off easily. Gone are the days when you can tie your shoes quickly or at all really. Seriously, tying my shoes is an Olympic event these days and I always come up gasping for air! I’m all for my tennies when I’m going on a walk or working out, but as for the day-to-day, sandals all the way. I found these on Amazon and I’m obsessed. They’re like Birkenstocks, but less expensive. They have them in several different colors too. If you’re thinking about ordering some, I’d size up!

My favorite sandals for comfort and support in pregnancy.

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Palmer’s Tummy Butter

A must-have for mommas as those bellies get bigger! Even if you don’t get stretch marks, {they are hereditary you know!} this stuff is great for hydration. As your belly grows, the skin stretches and thins. It can make your skin itch, but this tummy butter helps combat it. It also smells great

Smarty Pants Prenatal Gummy Vitamins

Obviously, these are for more than just the third trimester. This is more of an overall pregnancy must-have. I love these gummies! They taste delicious and don’t make me sick. Any pill form of prenatal makes me so sick and I throw them up more often than not. The only problem with gummy vitamins is that you don’t get the iron. Personally, I’d rather take an iron supplement than try to stomach prenatal pills.

Best prenatal gummies!

NEOtech Belly Support Belt

The third trimester comes with all of the aches and pains. You’re always looking for something to help ease the pain naturally and long term it seems. During this pregnancy I decided to give a belly support band a try. I really like this one because it’s easy to use and definitely ease my lower back pain. It’s great when you’re on your feet for long periods of time or even when working out.

This support band helped me stay active through my entire pregnancy!

Exercise Ball

Whenever you can’t seem to find a comfortable position to sit no matter what you do, reach for your exercise ball! It keeps your pelvis in line and actually makes your back feel better. Lounging on the couch is one of the worst things for your back even though it feels like the right thing to do when you’re in pain. Next time try an exercise ball and notice the difference. They’re also great for some women during labor!

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Nursing Bras

By the third trimester, bras are uncomfortable and your breast and band size has likely changed. Not only has it already changed, but it will continue to change until you deliver and your milk comes in. I pretty much put away all of my regular bras during my second trimester and stick to my bigger sports bras and nursing bras. I found this three-pack of nursing bras on Amazon and decided to give them a try. I love them! They are comfortable and provide enough support without being tight or irritating my rib cage. They also come with band extenders for each bra to help your growing frame!

Another great place to buy nursing bras is Kindred Bravely. I have purchased several items from them and love everything from their under-the-bump panties to maternity/nursing jammies!

Large Water Bottle

Hydration is key during pregnancy, especially during the third trimester. I recommend getting something that holds at least 30 oz that you can take around with you everywhere you go. My current go tos are my Yeti or RTIC. They hold so much water and keep it cold which is necessary in this summer heat. The colder the water, the more likely I am to drink it these days! Some other good options are Hydro Flask, Tervis or anything you have that you know you’ll keep reaching for throughout the day.

Heating Pad

It’s hard to avoid back pain when you’re pregnant. By the end of the day your shoulders are tight, your lower back is killing you and you have knots along your shoulder blades. Having a big belly and larger than life boobs can do a number to your back. Enter the heating pad for relief! I actually have a rice heating pad that goes over my shoulders and down my back. My mother-in-law bought it for me after I gave birth to Chloe and experience a lot of back pain. It’s been a God send and I’m so grateful to have it! Here is something similar {and another one} to the one I have on Amazon if anyone is interested. I look forward to heating it up in the evenings and just relaxing on the couch. Now if only I could find a comfortable position that lasts…

Chiropractic Care/Massage

Back pain is no joke during pregnancy, and if you don’t get to the root of the problem, it has the potential to get worse. Last pregnancy, I got a few prenatal massages, but the ones in my third trimester were the most beneficial! During this pregnancy, I started seeing a chiropractor for severe sciatica pain. It turns out my pelvis was quite tilted and that could have had some adverse effects on this baby being able to descend into the birth canal for a vaginal delivery! So far it has been a great decision for me to go, and I’ll continue as long as it keeps helping. I think the main thing you need to do is listen to your body and know if you need to do something about pain. You know your body best and I believe that when you’re pregnant you get to know your body even better.

Chiropractic care was a must have in my third trimester!

A few other items that I feel like I need these days are my pregnancy pillow, good walking shoes, air conditioning, watermelon, and iced coffee. Yep, that rounds out my third-trimester summer must-haves list quite nicely!

Before you go, check out my 32-week bumpdate and pin this to your pregnancy board on Pinterest!

Every mama in the third trimester needs a few extra things to get them through the final weeks. These are my 3rd trimester must haves for my two summer babies! These helped me stay comfortable, healthy and active in my final weeks of pregnancy. #thirdtrimester #pregnancymusthaves #pregnancyitems #pregnantmom #pregnancygifts

What are some of your pregnancy must haves?
What do you think helped you get through pregnancy in the hot summer months?

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  1. This is a great list. I wish I had that support band for my tummy when I was pregnant. The picture of you in the pin is gorgeous by the way!

    1. Thank you so much Rochelle! The belly support band was so helpful. I didn’t have it for my first pregnancy, but it was a lifesaver towards the end of my second!

  2. This is a wonderful list of 3rd trimester must-haves. You are so smart to transition to nursing bras in your new bra size. I purchased bigger bras + nursing bras and ended up having an extra set of bras I didn’t need. Oops! I love the ready to pop tank, super cute!

    1. Thanks, Nicole! Getting the nursing bras instead of regular bras this time around was the best. Nursing bras are so much more comfortable in my opinion, so I loved them during pregnancy!

  3. Gosh, these are gorgeous! I lived in my husbands shirts and pyjama shorts in the last few weeks! Hideous! lol

  4. LOL I was only first tri during the summertime! So no worries about the hot summers for the most part. My second daughter came later in spring than the first, though, so at 8 mos I had to go buy a whole new maternity wardrobe bc my summer-wear from the first pregnancy was too small to make it the rest of the way with my second plus a much-too-early arrival of hot temps that year!

  5. The belly support band was a lifesaver for me during my first pregnancy! It really eased off a lot of lower back pain. This is a really helpful list. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Agreed. It helped me so much during my second pregnancy. I can’t believe I didn’t get it with my first. I’m definitely glad that I have it when I get bigger this time around!

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