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A-M-Y: Spell Your Name Workout

A-M-Y: Spell Your Name Workout

I have something a little fun for y’all on this Monday morning. Okay, fun may be a stretch and it kind of depends on your definition of fun. But it definitely has potential to make something you don’t think is fun into something you are slightly entertained by! Enough beating around the bush, I’m sure you already know by now thanks to the post title that I’m talking about working out.

I’m always looking for ways to make working out kind of fun for my clients. When I find something different and exciting, I try to share with y’all because I know that working out is more like a chore for most people. I’ll be honest, at almost 32 weeks pregnant it’s becoming a bit of a chore for me since I’m getting super tired. If there is something that makes me want to get my bootie off of the couch, then I think a few of you may feel the same way.

Here’s a heads up, I will not claim that I created this workout! The manager of our gym actually came up with this and put it on the Work Out of the Week board at our gym a few weeks ago. I snapped a picture loving the idea and kind of forgot about it until now. Let’s take a look at this fun workout!

Spell Your Name Workout


  • Starting with the first letting of your first name, do the exercise associated with that letter.
  • Complete the exercise, then find the second letter.
  • Complete the second exercise, so on and so forth.
  • Continue until you finish your first name.
  • Still feeling good? Move on to your middle name!
  • Still feeling good? Finish the workout with your last name!

I think that completing the exercise before seeing what you have to do next is part of the fun! For starters you don’t dwell on what’s coming next plus you have the element of surprise that keeps you guessing what might be next.

An Example

Here’s an example of a solid spell your name workout using my name!

A – 50 Jumping Jacks
M – 20 Burpees
Y – 20 Crunches

C – 30 Squats
A – 50 Jumping Jacks
T – 15 Squats
H – 30 Mountain Climbers
E – 1 Minute Wall Sit
R – 15 Push Ups
I – 40 Jumping Jacks
N – 40 Mountain Climbers
E – 1 Minute Wall Sit

Since I have a nice long middle name, I’m going to stop before tackling my last name. Definitely play your workout by ear. Think about how you feel after each name and decide if you’re feeling up to another one.

Another fun thing about this workout is that once you use your name, you can do the workout on another day using a different name. Your favorite Disney princess. A character from a show your watching. Your spouse or kids. Or just think of a long random word and see where it goes! There are lots of ways your can go about it.

This workout is designed to do with no equipment which means you can do it anywhere! If you’re feeling crazy and have some equipment at home, you can change up some of the exercises to include what you have. If you don’t know where to begin, shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment and I’d love to help you out and customize this workout to fit your needs!

Let me know if you decide to give this one a go and tell me what the hardest part was! I think it’s safe to say the 20 burpees was mine and I definitely had to modify them.

Here’s another workout if you’re looking for a challenge: Dirty 30 Workout

Let's make working out fun again with this awesome Spell Your Name Workout! Inside you'll find exercises for each letter of the alphabet. Use your name, or any word to create a fun total body workout. Let the alphabet dictate where your workout will take you! #workout #workoutoftheweek #noweightsworkout #homeworkout #homefitness

What are your favorite types of workouts?
Do you like something more creative or traditional?

As you can see, I’m a big fan of the creative types that keep me thinking and on my toes!

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