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Fitness Friday: As many rounds as possible.

Fitness Friday: As many rounds as possible.

Since it’s Friday and posting didn’t happen on Wednesday, I figured a Fitness Friday was in store. After all, it’s the new year and everyone is still on the get in shape high! It’s your luck day because I have a great workout for y’all. All you need is yourself and a stop watch/clock…and possibly a mat, but that’s optional. Let me show you my 3 Round Bodyweight AMRAP!


Today’s workout is called an AMRAP workout: As Many Rounds as Possible. In just seven minutes, you will complete as many rounds as you can of one set. After seven minutes, grab some water and rest for a minute or two, then move on to the next set! Seven minutes, three sets, twenty-one minute workout. Time to get started!

Today’s Workout

This 3 round bodyweight AMRAP will workout your whole body and get your heartrate up with NO equipment! #amrapworkout #bodyweightamrap #bodyweightworkout #noweightsworkout

Start with the first Set. Set your timer for 7 minutes and begin. Once you complete the required number of reps for each exercise, start at the beginning again. Keep this up until your 7 minute timer goes off!

Take a quick break to catch your breath and grab some water. 2 minutes max. Then set your timer for 7 minutes and do set 2. Repeat again for set 3!

Quick, easy and just 3 rounds of 7 minutes. No equipment, no excuses! Give it a go and let me know what y’all think. Remember no equipment needed, so no excuses.

A little motivation to get you up and moving!

Try to get up and go this weekend, this is the perfect route to take instead of sitting on the couch! Now is the time to get started on your goals and dreams…

And just a funny way to remember you need a daily dose of motivation!

Now get up and have a great weekend y’all!

And don’t forget to pin this 3 round bodyweight AMRAP workout, so you can crush it later!

3 rounds, 7 minutes each. 21 minute bodyweight workout that will leave you breathing hard! #amrapworkout #athomeamrap #athomefitness #homeworkouts #bodyweightworkout #bodyweightamrap


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