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Glass Slipper Challenge Training!
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Glass Slipper Challenge Training!

It’s that time of year again, time for DISNEY!!! Now last year, I went to Disney several times. JP gifted me an annual pass to Disney World for one year while my bestie Julie still lived there. I was able to take long weekends with Chloe and it was the absolute best. This year, I’m back to normal and only going for my annual girls trip for the Princess Half Marathon!

It’s been a little while since I’ve truly run the Princess half! Last year we did the Disney World Half Marathon since we decided to bring the guys along with us. The year before I was pregnant and in a boot with a severely sprain ankle. That was the year I was supposed to complete the Glass Slipper Challenge. Instead I walked the 5K and about 3 miles of the half marathon. No Glass Slipper for this girl.

This year it’s back on and I’m determined to rock the Glass Slipper Challenge! 5K Friday, 10K Saturday and half marathon Sunday. The 5K is two weeks from today and I have one long run standing between me and race day! I have a 6 miler planned for today and a 12 miler on Saturday. Take a look at my training plan.

Sunday: Rest
Monday: Cycle since I teach it!
Tuesday: Strength
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Short run
Friday: Moderate run
Saturday: Long run

The main goal was to have 3 days of running in a row to practice being on my feet multiple days. I’m feeling confident that the running 3 days in a row won’t get to me. The waking up at 3-4am 3 days in a row is probably going to be what kicks my booty!

Waking up at the crack of dawn is worth it though when you get to run by and even meet some pretty awesome characters! That plus running through the most magical place on earth with tons of cheerleaders and music along the way. It’s pretty much the best race ever. My love of Disney may have me a bit biased. One thing for sure is that the medals and feeling of accomplishment at the end of it all will make waking up early totally worth it!

I have two more moderate runs and one long run to go before my training is complete! Only 13 days until I’m playing at Disney World with some of my best girls. {We’re going to miss you so much Ash! But at least you have the sweetest twin babies to snuggle at home!}

Wish me luck!
Have you ever trained for a multi-race challenge? Any tips for me to be successful?!

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