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Single Mom-ing It
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Single Mom-ing It

There’s nothing as sweet as me squatting down and this little girl running at me to give me a hug.

Actually, the one sweeter is seeing her do the same thing to her daddy after he’s been overseas for a week! That’s right, this last week was a doozy. I was a single mom to a silly toddler and it was kind of crazy. Doing it all is not easy. I have always admired the hard work of single mom’s. Working, cooking, cleaning, taking care of the dogs, taking care of the baby. When does one have time for themselves? After bedtime. That’s about it.

Chloe and I did quite a bit while we were here alone. We spent some days just at home, which was very needed! We ventured out to Target, had a lunch date one day, went to gymnastics twice, the dentist and the Children’s Museum!

We had fun, but it was pretty exhausting for this momma. I missed my partner. I missed my best friend. I missed my husband. It’s easy to forget how much they do for you in the throws of the day to day. When he’s gone, I realize the little things he does that make my life easier. I had to cut up all of the chicken after I baked several chicken breasts for a few different meals. Something small, but so appreciated. Usually while he’s helping me cut up the chicken, I can move onto the next step and get something else done. I had to do all of Chloe’s bedtime routine alone. Usually I bathe her, JP dresses her, we play with her and read books in her room, and finally JP lays her down. Instead it was all me. Not bad, but not the same. I’m so glad to have my partner back. Life if just so much better when it’s all 3 of us!

While he was gone, thank goodness for family! My mother-in-law checked in on me to make sure I didn’t need anything, and I was able to spend the night at my parents’ on Friday. I originally went over there because I needed them to watch Chloe Saturday morning while I got my 12 miler in. But after a bit of planning, there was another reason for our Friday gathering. I made dinner, a cake and cookies, and we had an adoption party for Meena! She said that she wanted to be a Timmer, so we made her one! Above you can see everyone but me {and Chloe…duh} taking a shot in Meena’s honor. Like I said, I had 12 miles to run in the morning…

Which I did an dominated! I averaged about a 9:45 min/mile pace and felt pretty good despite the 95% humidity and 70 degree temperatures. Afterwards I rewarded myself with a snocone from Bahama Bucks!

I was pretty pooped the rest of the day. I ended up staying at my parents’ all day. We went to Costco, swam in the hot tub with Chloe, lounged around on the couch and went to church all before I went home to wait for JP to get back. Unfortunately he didn’t get back until 10:00pm and I was exhausted from my 5:45am wake up call and 12 mile run.

We did get to spend all of Sunday together at home! We worked on the house some…more pictures coming soon…and just relaxed together. I’m glad to have my partner home. I’m not really looking forward to his next trip away, but I know it’s good experience for him and his job! It isn’t easy for him being away from his girls either!

So here’s to this week! It may be Monday, but it’s going to be a good one. I can feel it! Happy Monday y’all!

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