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Sweet, Sunny Palma

Sweet, Sunny Palma

Woah I am SO glad I decided to change pace and link up with Holly and Jake yesterday! Y’all really responded and it’s great to know just how many people can relate. It may have only turned 21 almost 5 years ago, but I honestly feel much wiser and calmer then I was then. Of course I’m still far from being wise and calm, but I hear that comes whenever you become a grown up which I am not ready for yet 🙂

Anyway, I have pics from my Palma trip uploaded and ready to go, so now y’all get to see Day 5 in Palma, Mallorca, Spain!

Luckily, we were blessed with another gorgeous day with no wind this time! Palma is an absolutely gorgeous city. It is clean and cute and the buildings and statues are brilliant.

Our first stop was to visit the cathedral…because this is the first thing you do in every European city pretty much.

The Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma is commonly known as Le Sue and is a gothic style Roman Catholic church. The structure was started in 1229 but wasn’t completed until 1601.



We were going to go in and tour it, but when we saw it was around 10 euros per person we decided against it. :-/  The outside was beautiful though and I was able to take several pictures.


The streets of Palma aren’t exactly easy to navigate. Luckily we got our hands on a map just to realize what a cluster the streets were! Some were tiny, some were huge, some dead ended and they were not in a grid like format whatsoever 🙂


Narrow street with cute little shops!


Don’t know what this is. I just took a picture because it was pretty and I liked the flags.


Next up was shopping. The shopping area in Palma is absolutely adorable. So many shops {high and lower end} and restaurants. Since we were there on a Saturday, there was tons of activity! Below is one of the roundabouts on the main shopping street. I was able to snap a shot after a ton of cars whizzed by!


After some shopping we continued on to the sights. We went off to find their river walk! As you can tell from these pictures, Palma is very well manicured. I love all the well kept trees and flowers!


Oh and I forgot to mention that we were actually exploring with some friends we made on the boat the night before! A fun, young couple from Georgia! It was nice to have some travel companions and we were able to take turns snapping couples shots!


Yay! A picture of us that isn’t from my iPhone!


We stumbled upon this beautiful area with several statues that we decided to scope out. There were descriptions of everything in Spanish and English so I was trying to read them in Spanish first to see how rusty I was. The verdict: I didn’t do too bad!


As you can read below, this monument was dedicated to those who passed in the sinking of a cruiser during their Civil War.

Then we found a structure with various sundials that naturally, we had to try and read 🙂


It was pointing to June and it was June 1st that day!


Quick shot with the cathedral behind us!


Then we found a castle and cannon and other fun statues that I took pictures of but won’t bore y’all with them!

Our last stop of the day was a restaurant in the park across from the cathedral. After walking the city, we were in dire need of authentic sangria. JP and I split half a liter and I didn’t even get a picture! Just know that it was delicious and we definitely enjoyed our amazing view!



My overall impression of Palma is that it is a beautiful city. It’s definitely worth a day trip but probably not too much more. There are several historical sights to see, but prepare to pay to actually go inside! The shopping is fantastic! I was saving my patience and euros for Barcelona, so I didn’t actually buy anything in Palma, but my new friend Tiffany {yup she has a blog and her hubs is a sports fanatic and they’re from SEC schools. And that is why we became fast friends} found several great pieces! The weather was beautiful in the mid 70’s with sunshine and a slight breeze…swoon. If only Houston would follow suite!

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Happy Friday my lovelies! I can’t believe I actually survived a full week in the real world. It wasn’t easy and I went to bed at 9pm several nights, but I made it. Hope the work day flies by! Have a wonderful and safe weekend y’all!

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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