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Dear 21 Year Old Amy

Dear 21 Year Old Amy

So I was going to post about Palma today until I saw this awesome link up from Jake & Holly. I decided to give y’all a break from my travels and write a letter to my 21 year old self…because who doesn’t want to go back in time and kick your 21 year old self in the shins a time or two 😉


Dear 21 year old Amy,

Well for starters, you’re finally 21. All of your friends have been 21 for several months to a few years and you’re pretty much the last one to join the club. That really doesn’t mean that you should go crazy though. I promise that drinking over the age of 21 is not as cool as before. Sure you can buy drinks legally now, but the thrill is gone. Oh and maybe you shouldn’t have quite so many drinks when celebrating your birthday. Leah’s bathroom floor…not so comfortable…

You’ll finally get your Aggie Ring and have your ring dunk party. {Really you don’t need to drink more beer after chugging a pitcher of it, just trust me on this one.}

Here are a few tips/pieces of advice I have for you…

It’s your senior year of college so have fun with all of your friends while they’re there! You’re going to be sticking around a bit longer than 4 years anyway.

Don’t worry so much about school. Guess what? You’re good at it and you’re far too hard on yourself.

Teach as many group exercise classes as possible. You’ll discover it’s your passion and that you really want to use it to further a career in fitness. The more you do now, the more knowledge you’ll have in the future!

You have an amazing man who loves you. Quit worrying about him graduating so soon. He’s going to propose to you before he does anyway 🙂

Facebook is not that important. I promise that life will go on if you don’t check it, upload pictures immediately, or change your status daily 😉 {However, I am thankful for all the photos now}

Go to as many Aggie sporting events as possible. Learn the players names. Have fun. You’re future husband is going to expect you to anyways 🙂 Plus they’re a blast.

Remember to be well rounded. School is not everything. Partying is not everything. Your boyfriend is not everything. Working not everything. You need a little bit of each to make you happy. Find the balance that keeps your stress levels as low as possible. If you think you’re stressed out now, wait until you start working and get to the real world.

Speaking of the real world, you don’t get Spring Break, Christmas Break or Summer. Enjoy all of them while you can!!!

Most importantly, love your life. Seriously, this time is the best! Quit wishing it was time to graduate. Quit wishing the days away and live in the moment. You have no clue how good you have it girl!

Wishing I was doing this right about now!

Love always,
You’re clearly more mature, grown up self
{ha who am I kidding?}

Until next time…
With love and God bless,

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