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Kettlebell Circuit Workout
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Kettlebell Circuit Workout

A workout a day…keeps the doctor away? I like to think so 🙂

I had every intention of posting about Barcelona today except I didn’t edit any of the pictures. The post is ready to go – I have most of the text and no pictures. No pictures = Big Problem. Y’all don’t really care about reading about what I did in Barcelona, you want to see the pictures! Don’t worry, I don’t blame y’all 🙂

Instead I thought I’d give you an update on June’s monthly challenge since we’re already over halfway through June! {Remember I switched June & July’s challenges!} This month’s challenge was to do a different type of workout every day for a minimum of 15 minutes! Here’s what I’ve got so far!

Daily Workouts for June

June 1: 30 minutes on the elliptical
June 2: Walking straight uphill and around Park Guell {seriously just wait until you see the pictures tomorrow…not easy!}
June 3: 15 min Bike, 5 min Rowing, 15 min running + kettle bell series {see below}
June 4: Walking around Pompeii and Sorrento
June 5: Walking everywhere in Rome
June 6: Power walking and lunging through the airport…trust me it counts
June 7: Circuit workout with my dad at the park
June 8: 15 cardio drills, 1 minute each
June 9: 2 mile run + sprints and drills 4 x around middle school track
June 10: 2 mile walk with Maggie
June 11: Summer Shape Up Plan day 1
June 12: Summer Shape Up Plan day 2 + kettle bell series
June 13: 4.25 mile walk + 40 min kickball game
June 14: 25 min yoga { Detox Flow}
June 15: 3.25 mile run
June 16: 4 mile run
June 17: 30 min PT session, 1 hour boot camp

The plan for today is elliptical, core and stretching because this girl is sore from yesterday! Yikes!

Kettlebell Circuit Workout

Here’s the kettlebell circuit that I made up while I was working out on the cruise ship! I really liked it, so I did it again last week. I figured if I like something enough to repeat it, then y’all may like it as well!

I’ve been loving my June challenge, and it really helps me to actually workout every single day even if it’s just a longer walk with Maggie or 15 minutes of drills. Staying fit is all about being active right?

Join me in redefining #whatsbeautiful

Is anyone else participating in the June challenge?

Do you have any recommendations of workouts that I should try?!

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